description:Shadmer et al. present a robot for functional MRI experiments (project "USA10"). This 2-DOF system is able to apply forces on the hand of a test person parallel to his or her frontal plane. The device is pneumatically driven and made from plastic components. It is mounted to the MR scanner's couch. Linear optical encoders in the joint provide a resolution of 0.01mm and give a position feedback. The forces ap-plied are measured via the air pressure by a device located in the control room. Trials with 39 test persons are reported.
medical discipline:fMRI
function:Robot for fMRI: force is applied to the hand of the patient
trajectory planning:online by user
kinematics:2-DOF parallel (lever-) kinematics
kinematics type:parallel
years of development:2006
developed in:Chicago, IL, USA, Americas
institute:Northwestern University, Laboratory for Intelligent Mechanical Systems
development team:Grace
status:experimental use
financed by:
estimated costs:
manufacturer:selfmade robot
literature:"Grace KW, JE C, Glucksberg MR, Chun J. A six degree of freedom micromanipulator for ophthalmic surgery. 1993 05/02/1993 -05/06/1993; IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Atlanta, GA, USA. p 630-635."
first lab experiments:
first preclinical experiments:
first clinical experiments:
clinical studies:
in clinical use since:
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