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Anniversary Symposium – 10 Years CBTM

On Nov 10th, 2017, the Center of Biomedicine and Medical Technology Mannheim of the Medical Faculty Mannheim, Heidelberg University celebrated its 10th anniversary with a scientific symposium.

David Bennett (Oxford)
Rohini Kuner (Heidelberg)
Michael Neumaier (Mannheim)
Michael Platten (Mannheim)
Christian Schultz (Mannheim)
Rolf-Detlef Treede (Mannheim)
Gabriele Bergers (Leuven)
von links: Michael Platten, Martin Schmelz, David Bennett, Christian Schultz, Rohini Kuner, Rolf-Detlef Treede
von links: Jonathan Sleeman, Gabriele Bergers, Heike Allgayer, Georg Stoecklin, Andreas Trumpp, Hellmut Augustin
Martin Schmelz (Mannheim)
Jonathan Sleeman (Mannheim)
Heike Allgayer (Mannheim)


Neuronal Plasticity

David Bennett, Oxford, UK
A multi-modal approach to understanding painful diabetic neuropathy from gene mutations to brain imaging

Rohini Kuner, Heidelberg, DE
Why time does not heal all wounds: plasticity as a basis of chronic pain

Martin Schmelz, UMM
Nociceptive discharge is limited by axonal filtering

Christian Schultz, CBTM
Plasticity of the axon initial segment

Rolf-Detlef Treede, CBTM
Gain control in the nociceptive system by central sensitisation

Cancer Progression and Metastasis

Gabriele Bergers, Leuven, BE
Targeting the tumor vasculature: from vessel destruction to construction

Andreas Trumpp, DKFZ
Stem cell features during normal physiology and cancer

Heike Allgayer, CBTM
Defining the microRNA landscape relevant for colorectal cancer metastasis

Hellmut Augustin, CBTM & DKFZ
Vascular control of tumor progression and metastasis

Adelheid Cerwenka, CBTM
Harnessing innate immunity against cancer

Jonathan Sleeman, CBTM & KIT
Microenvironmental regulation of metastasis

About the CBTM

The Center of Biomedicine and Medical Technology Mannheim (CBTM) was established in early 2007 as the preclinical institute responsible for research and teaching in Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology. Instead of establishing separate institutes, the Medical Faculty Mannheim decided deliberately to merge the eight preclinical departments together with three theoretical-clinical departments within the CBTM, thereby fostering basic and translational biomedical research in Mannheim.

On November the 10th the CBTM celebrates its 10th anniversary with a scientific symposium. The day features keynote speakers and presentations of ongoing research at the CBTM.

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