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Terms of Use

The FlowCore Mannheim is used by several internal and external working groups. Therefore, a planning of the experiment or sorting is essential. Prior to using the FlowCore Mannheim, the pertinent details and conditions need to be discussed in order to find out whether an experiment can be carried out in the planned way and how much time will be required, especially to plan the sorting time.
Appointments for the analyzer can be arranged using the online calendar labtiMA. With the entry into the online calendar, the user accepts the terms of use. Institute working groups are given priority appointments. The terms of use can be downloaded as a PDF file.
The equipment of the FlowCore Mannheim can only be used when the user has received an introduction and training by the FlowCore staff. Devices can only be used when the respective training has been completed; the training by our staff is mandatory.
The cell sorter is exclusively operated by employees of the FlowCore Mannheim. It is always advisable to plan experiments well ex ante, feel free to ask for assistance for example in the selection of fluorochromes. Please bring the required controls with you at all times!

Opening Times

The FlowCore Mannheim has no regular opening times. Appointments for the analyzer can be arranged using the online calendar labtiMA. Sorting appointments must be arranged directly with the operator, as the cell sorter is operated only by FlowCore Mannheim staff. The use of the BD FACSCanto II outside the regular working hours is only possible for users who are capable of handling the device safely.

Responsibility and Liability

All users are responsible for the daily maintenance of the equipment. After each use the devices must be flushed within the booked time according to a set pattern so that the machine is available on time for the next user. A respectful handling of the equipment should be self-evident, so it can be used for a long time and remain available for scientific use. Every user has to check with the online-calendar if the device is booked afterwards. If the time period between the different users is longer than 30 minutes, the device must be turned off with the shutdown procedure. If the time period is shorter it can be left on standby. Errors and error messages of the instrument must be reported to the FlowCore staff in every case.

The devices of the FlowCore Mannheim can be operated independently if there has been a briefing by the respective staff. Damage that results from an improper or incorrect use, the individual users are responsible for the defects occurred. The FlowCore staff cannot be held responsible for the occurrence of irrelevant or incorrect data. 

Safety indication

If infectious samples and/or hazardous substances are used, according to protection level 2-4. GefStV, please consult the FlowCore staff. Material according to the S2 level and higher (GenTV) can not be analyzed and/or sorted. Human cells can only be analyzed and/or sorted, if they meet S1/L1 conditions. The BD FACSAria uses a liquid system, which generates aerosols. These aerosols can contain bacteria and viruses when sorting under high pressure is performed. Therefore, human cells can only be sorted when they are free of human pathogens.

Data backup and analysis

Regular data backup is the responsibility of every single user. If data is lost, the FlowCore Mannheim cannot be held responsible. A backup of the hard disc is carried out in irregular intervals only; however, it can be accessed in case of emergency. Furthermore, data are protected against unauthorized access from outside by passwords.

Data must be periodically (preferably immediately) exported and deleted. Data older than 3 months will be removed without any warning. A full data storage unit is a disadvantage for each user, because software responds more slowly and system crashes are more likely.

Data analysis can be performed directly on the BD FACSCanto II using the BD FACSDiva software; however, measurements are carried out with priority on the device. There is one dongle available for Tridomus users for the FACSDiva software from Becton Dickenson and one for the FlowJo software TreeStars Corp.. It has to be documented in the available renting list if they are used.

Important Information

For the BD FACSCanto II all samples have to be measured exclusively in BD Falcon 5 ml polystyrene tubes with or without a lid (Order No. 352 032 or 352 052, respectively). No other tubes are permitted. The minimum volume is 200µL, the maximum fill volume 2.5 mL.

It is absolutely mandatory to bring along the necessary controls for each experiment. A negative control (cells without staining), compensating controls in multi-color analysis (single-stained cells or beads) and for indirect staining, a secondary antibody control (cells stained only with secondary antibody), etc…

Samples that contain aggregates and clumps must be filtered. Filters are available in the FlowCore Mannheim.

For the analyzer and sorter it is essential that you: PLEASE SHOW UP IN TIME. If you are late or do not turn up at all, a following date comes first. Please book a reasonable time frame on the device, for example do not book the device for two hours if you only analyze 10 samples!


We are more than happy to answer all your questions. To the current, the FlowCore Mannheim can be used without any fee. Thus it is obligatory to acknowledge the FlowCore Mannheim and the Institute of Transfusion Medicine and Immunology in any kind of publication (doctoral thesis, abstract, publication). Please hand in a reference of any publication, e.g. a PDF for the necessary documentation. Dependent on the scientific input you should consider:

  1. Co-Authorship
    Stefanie Uhlig, FlowCore Mannheim and Institute of Transfusion Medicine and Immunology, Ludolf-Krehl Str. 13-17, 68167 Mannheim, Germany
  2. Acknowledgment
    "We like to thank Stefanie Uhlig, FlowCore Mannheim and Institute ofTransfusion Medicine and Immunology, for excellent support."
    "We gratefully acknowledge the excellent support of Stefanie Uhlig, the FlowCore Mannheim and Institute of Transfusion Medicine and Immunology."

Intense scientific input from Prof. Dr. Karen Bieback suggests a co-authorship (see 1).

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We look forward to working with you and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Should there be any discrepancies, please communicate them with us.