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Leica TCS SP5 DS (Dichroic System)

Confocal laser scanning microscope

Leica SP5 DS

The SP5 DS is an upright laser scanning microscope with a motorized XY-stage, two fluorescence detectors and one bright field detector as well as one scanner. It features one diode laser (UV-excitation), Ar-Laser (blue excitation), He-Ne-Laser (green excitation) and an external epifluorescent-lamp. A set of various dichroic head beam splitters, selecting different wavelengths and emissions, allow a robust separation of diverse fluorescence channels.


  • Upright research microscope DM 6000 B
  • External fluorescence lamp EL6000
  • Filter system for epifluorescence: Blue excitation: I3 (BP 450-490 nm, LP 515 nm), Green excitation: N2.1 (BP 515-50 nm, 590 nm); Rit-excitation: A (BP 340-380 nm, LP 425 nm)
  • Available Laser lines

    • Diode laser (405 nm/50 mW)
    • Ar-Laser (458 nm/5 mW; 476 nm/5 mW; 488 nm/20 mW; 514 nm/20 mW)
    • HeNe (543 nm/1mW, 633 nm/10 mW)

  • Excitation beam splitter: TD 488/543/633 nm, DD 458/514 nm, DD 488/543; RSP 500; Grey filter: RT 30/70
  • Conventional Scanner: Up to 50 images; line scan: Up to 2800 lines
  • 1 TLD-Detector capturing transmitted light images
  • 2 Internal Detector channels capturing fluorescence images
  • Lenses: 5x/0.15 NA Air; 10x/0.30 NA air; 20x/0.7 NA. Mult. Imm.; 40x/1,3 NA oil; 63x/1,4 NA oil