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Leica SP5 MP

Combined multiphoton and laser confocal laser scanning microscope

Leica SP5 MP

The SP5 MP is an inverse laser scanning microscope with multiple laser lines for confocal application, an external epi-fluorescence lamp as well as a pulsed IR-laser for multi-photon applications. The visible lasers include an Ar-laser (blue excitation), DPSS laser (light green excitation), HeNe laser (orange and red excitation). The stimulation wavelength of the IR-laser is freely selectable in the range of 690-1040 nm.

In addition, this microscope features a Super Z-Galvo scanning stage which enables a fast acquisition of xz-scans and a resonance scanner, which enables the acquisition of high frame xy rates. The Acusto-optical beam splitter (AOBS) allows a filter-free and sharp distinction of various fluorescence channels. The beam splitter is equipped with four internal fluorescence- and one transmitted-light- detectors for confocal detection as well as two external (Chroma-) filter-based detectors for multi-photon-detection.

This set-up is fully optimized for living cell microscopy. The multi-photon excitation operates in a tissue conserving way and with a high penetration into living tissue or thick samples. It is equipped with a tempered Ludin-incubation chamber with gas mixer, a sterilizable mini-incubation tower for the Z-Galvo stage as well as a super fusion device.


  • Research microscope DMI 6000CS Bino, equipped with contrast method Hellfeld, polarization and interference contrast
  • External fluorescence lamp EL6000
  • Filter system for Epifluorescence

    • Blue-application: A (BP 340-380 nm, LP 425 nm)
    • Green-application: I3 (BP 450-490 nm, LP 515 nm)
    • Red-application: N2.1 (BP 515-560 nm, 590 nm), TX2 (BP560/40 nm, LP 645/75 nm)

  • Laser lines

    • Ar-Laser (458 nm/5 mW; 476 nm/5 mW; 488 nm/20 mW; 496 nm/5 mW; 514 nm/20 mW)
    • DPSS (561 nm/20 mW)
    • HeNe (594 nm/2,5 mW, 633 nm/10 mW)

  • Infrared Ti: Saphire Laser MaiTai Deep Sea (variable 690-1040 nm/2,5 W)
  • AOBS (0,6-2 nm Selectivity)
  • Scanning stage, Super-Z Galvo Stage
  • Variable scanner: Image scan: up to 25 images; line scan: up to 2800 images
  • Resonance scanner: Image scan: up to 250 images; line scan: up to 16000 images
  • 1 TLD-detector for measuring transmitted light images
  • 4 internal detector channels for the collection of fluorescence images
  • 2 external detector channels for MP
  • Lenses: 5x/0.15 NA air; 10x/0.30 NA air; 20x/0.7 NA air; 25x/0.95 NA water; 40x/1.3 NA oil; 40x/1.1 NA water
  • Tempered Ludin incubation chamber with gas mixer (Gas concentration selectable 1-15% CO2)
  • Sterilizable mini-incubator tower for Z-Galvo stage