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10xGenomics Chromium Controller

The Chromium Controller allows for high-throughput single cell transcriptome, immunome, or copy number analysis in a variety of cell types as well as single-cell nuclei. The flexible workflow encapsulates single cells, nuclei or DNA together with gel beads into nanodroplets. The underlying GemCodeTechnology enables the execution of thousands of micro-reactions in parallel. A GEM is a “Gel bead in EMulsion” droplet that encapsulates each micro-reaction within the Chromium System. 10x genomics offers a multitude of kit solutions for single cell 3’ and 5’ transcriptome, single cell copy number variation, single cell immune receptor profiling and single cell epigenetic analyses. Moreover, the Chromium Controller can be utilized for sequencing-ready library generation of whole genome or exome analyses.


  • Small benchtop instrument (20x20x30cm)
  • Touch screen interface and retractable drawer
  • Fast workflow from cell suspension to sequencing-ready library
  • Captures 100-10.000+ cells per sample and up to 80.000 cells per run in < 7 minutes
  • Recovers up to  ~65% of cells (typically 50%)
  • Low doublet rate (~0.9% per 1,000 cells)
  • Compatible with Illumina HiSeq4000, NextSeq and MiSeq sequencers
  • The cell size limit is comparatively high (up to 50 µm).