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David Litaker, MD PhD, FACP

David Litaker ist Internist und Professor für Medizin, Epidemiologie und Biostatistik an der Case Western Reserve University (Case) in Cleveland, Ohio und hat einen weiteren Abschluß in Health Services Research.

Er ist seit 2008 als externer wissenschaftlicher Berater für das Mannheimer Institut für Public Health - jetzt Abteilung Allgemeinmedizin - tätig und unterstützt vor allem die Nachwuchswissenschaftlicher bei der Entwicklung ihrer wissenschaftlichen Fähigkeiten (z. B. Durchführung von Sientific Writing Workshops oder individuelle Betreuung bei der Erstellung von Manuskripten).

Lebenslauf (pdf)


  • Assessing the Implementation Context: A mixed-methods approach (funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)
  • Effects of patients' models of heart disease on preventive behaviors (funded by the VA Health Services Research and Development Service)
  • Health Effects of Racial Segregation on Aging Adults (funded by National Institute for Aging)
  • Developing New Measures of Quality for Diabetes Care (funded by the VA Health Services Research and Development Service)


  • Assessing the delivery and implementation of preventive services, focusing on factors within the health system and community context that influence the quantity and quality of care provided
  • Exploring the influence of contextual factors such as regional poverty on individuals' access to health care
  • Developing new measures of quality for cardiovascular prevention in veterans with diabetes
  • Developing an organizational assessment tool that measures capacity for change in primary care practices
  • Teaching on strategies for more effective scientific writing

Methodische Expertise

  • Multi-Level Modellierung
  • Qualtiative Datenanalyse
  • Mixed Methods

Ausgewählte Publikationen

Peterson LE, Litaker D (2010) County-level poverty is equally associated with unmet health care needs in rural and urban settings. Journal of Rural Health, (in press)

Bobiak SN, Zyzanski SJ, Ruhe MC, Carter CA, Ragan B, Flocke SA, Stange KC, Litaker D (2009) Measure practice capacity for change - a tool for guiding quality improvement in primary care settings Quality Management in Health Care 18: 278-284

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Fischer JF, Renz-Polster H, Litaker D (2008) Public Health Strategy for Baden-Württemberg. Report to the Ministry of Social Affairs, Baden-Württemberg, Germany


David Litaker, MD PhD, FACP

Strategic Consulting / Career Management