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Alena-Kathrin Schnurr presented on our research on AI in medical imaging @ Research Plus forum
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Dr. Mathias Davids wins the I. I. Rabi Award of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM),
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Keine Gesundheitsgefährdung für Frauen mit implantierten kupferhaltigen Verhütungsmitteln bei der MRT,
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Medical Imaging (MRI, CT, X-Ray) and Image Analysis

Group Leader: Prof. Dr. Ing. Frank G. Zöllner

Research Profile

The group performs research on new methods  of image formation in MRI, Computer Tomography (CT) and X-Ray imaging, especially  in physiological  / functional imaging of the human body as well in preclinical projects. Furthermore, we research on methods to automatically analyse the acquired data by means of medical image processing and pattern recognition using machine learning techniques to quantify the measured physiological parameters.

The group is involved in several projects:


Group members


Recent Publications

  • D. Hausmann, T. Niemann, D. Kreul, A. Nocito, M. Klarhöfer, D. Nickel, B. Kiefer, U. Attenberger, F. Zöllner and R. Kubik-Huch.
    Free-breathing dynamic contrast-enhanced imaging of the upper abdomen using a Cartesian compressed-sensing sequence with hard-gated and motion-state-resolved reconstruction.
    Invest Radiol, 54 (11), pp.728-736 2019.
  • D. Hausmann, F. Zöllner and R. Kubik-Huch.
    Editorial for "Qualitative and Quantitative Reporting of a Unique Biparametric MRI: Towards Biparametric MRI-Based Nomograms for Prediction of Prostate Biopsy Outcome in Men With a Clinical Suspicion of Prostate Cancer (IMPROD and MULTI-IMPROD Trials)"..
    J Magn Reson Imaging, , p.in Press 2019.
  • P. Illert, B. Wängler, C. Wängler, F. Zöllner, T. Uhrig, S. Litau, M. Pretze and T. Röder.
    Functionalizable composite nanoparticles as a dual MRI/CT contrast agent for medical imaging.
    J. Appl. Polym. Sci, 136 (19), p.47571 2019.
  • W. Neumann, T. Uhrig, M. Malzacher, V. Kossmann, L. Schad and F. Zöllner.
    Risk assessment of copper containing contraceptives: The impact for women with implanted intrauterine devices during clinical MRI and CT examinations.
    Eur Radiol, 29 (6), pp.2812-2820 2019.
  • T. Russ, S. Goerttler, A. Schnurr, D. Bauer, S. Hatamikia, L. Schad, F. Zöllner and K. Chung.
    Synthesis of CT images from digital body phantoms using CycleGAN..
    Int J CARS, 14 (10), pp.1741-1750 2019.
The group receives funding from:

Contact: Dr. Frank Zöllner last modified: 23.07.2019
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