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Multinuclear NMR

Group Leaders: M.Sc. Nadia Paschke and M.Sc. Ruomin Hu

Research profile

In conventional clinical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) the measured signal arises from the protons of tissue water molecules. Beyond hydrogen molecules, other nuclei (X-nuclei) may be used for MRI. Our group focuses on sodium-23, chlorine-35, oxygen-17 and fluorine-19 spectroscopy and imaging. We combine preclinical measurements on cells and small animals using a 9.4 T Bruker system with clinical imaging on two 3 T Siemens human whole-body scanners. Interdisciplinary collaborations with non-physics faculties enable us to bridge the gap between physics and biomedical engineering, while close clinical collaborations allow for straightforward implementation of the latest methods from research in clinical practice.

Current research projects

  • Sequence development for X-nuclei MRI with ultra-short echo time
  • Tissue sodium concentration (TSC) quantification
  • Combined in vivo proton, sodium-23 and chlorine-23 MRI
  • Clinical sodium MRI of the human brain, heart, kidney, prostate, lung
  • Advanced post-processing strategies i.e. motion correction & reconstruction algorithms
  • Measurement of cellular oxygen consumption with perfluorocarbons
  • Multi-quantum-filtered sodium-23 and chlorine-23 MRS
  • Localized multi-quantum-filtered imaging modalities

Group members

Interested in joining our group for an internship, bachelor thesis, master thesis or PhD? Contact: Nadia Paschke (clinical application, 3 T) and/or Ruomin Hu (high field application, 9.4 T)


Contact: Nadia Paschke, Ruomin Hu  last modified: 29.11.2017
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