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A comparison of magnetization prepared 3D gradient-echo (MP-RAGE) sequences for imaging of intracranial lesions

S. Blüml, L. Schad, J. Scharf, F. Wenz, M. Knopp and W. Lorenz

Magn Reson Imaging, 14 (3), pp.329-335

In a pilot study including 64 patients with different types of brain tumors we investigated four types of MP-RAGE sequences. The sequences differ in the length of the recovery period and the data acquisition mode (sequential vs. centric phase-encoding). The sequence with sequential encoding and a short recovery period provided images that reached the quality and reliability of spin-echo images. The other MP-RAGE sequences failed in providing equivalent information. In particular, a considerable number of small lesions identified in spin-echo images were not detected in MP-RAGE images. The impact of the evolving magnetization on the point spread function was analyzed by performing simulation calculations. It was found that lesions with short T1 times are rendered with low spatial resolution when sequence parameters are not set appropriately. The low overall quality of images obtained by sequences applying centric encoding may be explained by eddy current effects as reported in other recently published studies.

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