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1H-spectroscopic imaging using a modified Dixon method

G. Brix, L. Schad and W. Lorenz

Magn Reson Imaging, 6 (6), pp.617-622

Inhomogeneities of the static magnetic field and the different susceptibilities of the various types of tissue are a serious problem for all imaging methods of spectral separation of fat and water. In the Dixon method this problem is solved by using the absolute values of the image signals for the separation. In image regions where the fat signal is greater than the water signal, however, this results in an incorrect assignment of the computed solutions. A modified Dixon method was developed to easily carry out the spectral separation completely over the entire image by interactively building up a phase correction matrix after the data acquisition. The spectral delineation of the fat tissue finds an interesting application in the treatment planning with fast neutrons in accounting for the increase in dose.

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