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Functional neuroimaging in the assessment of CNS neoplasms

M. Knopp, M. Essig, H. Hawighorst, F. Wenz, G. Brix, L. Schad, P. Bachert and G. van Kaick

Eur Radiol, 7 Suppl 5, pp.209-215

Assessment of CNS neoplasms has focused traditionally on morphological analysis. Recent developments in MR sequence design now enable functional assessments. T1-weighted, as well as T2(*)-weighted, dynamic, gadolinium-enhanced, imaging can be used for assessment of vascularisation, permeability, and microcirculation of CNS neoplasms. Characterisation of cerebrovascular blood flow is possible using dynamic MR angiography, while neurofunctional imaging enables visualisation of local alterations in neuronal activity in stimulated cortical areas. Diffusion-weighted imaging can be used for improved delineation of neoplasms, while chemical shift imaging allows metabolic mapping of lesions and surrounding tissues. Implementation of these techniques can improve characterisation, information for therapy, planning and prognosis in clinical imaging of CNS neoplasms.

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