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Differentiation of pancreas carcinoma from healthy pancreatic tissue using a wide range of b-values: Comparison of ADC and IVIM parameters

A. Lemke, L. Schad, F. Laun and B. Stieltjes

Proceedings 17th Scientific Meeting, International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Honolulu,, p.666

DWI was performed to determine changes of diffusion and microperfusion in healthy pancreatic tissue and pancreatic cancer using the IVIM-approach. The perfusion fraction f, the diffusion coefficient D and the pseudo diffusion coefficient D* were extracted from six healthy volunteers and six patients with histologically proven pancreatic carcinoma and were compared to ADC values. The perfusion fraction in pancreatic carcinoma was significantly lower than in healthy pancreatic tissue (p=0.002) in contrast to D and D* (p>0.5). Also, f was more sensitive then the low b-value ADC (p=0.008). The high b-value ADC showed no significant difference (p=0.064) between the two groups.

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