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Multicentre magnetic resonance texture analysis trial using reticulated foam test objects

R. Lerski, L. Schad, R. Luypaert, A. Amorison, R. Muller, L. Mascaro, P. Ring, A. Spisni, X. Zhu and A. Bruno

Magn Reson Imaging, 17 (7), pp.1025-1031

Texture analysis in magnetic resonance imaging has the ability to provide useful diagnostic information with respect to the discrimination of disease states of a single tissue or the separation of different tissues. However, for widespread use it is necessary to determine how texture measurements carried out in one center relate to those carried out in another. To this end, a multicentre trial has been performed where reticulated foam test objects have been scanned in six European centers according to a fixed protocol. It has been concluded that texture measurements are not transportable between centers. Principal component models calculated from the texture parameters collected in one center do not fit the data collected in another. Further trials are to investigate whether the reticulated foam test objects may be used to normalize tissue texture data collected in different centers.

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