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Computer-aided classification of malignancy in astrocytomas. I. The value of nuclear parameters obtained by automated black and white image analysis

H. Schmitt, C. Oberwittler and L. Schad

Anal Cell Pathol, 4 (6), pp.397-407

Ninety-three selected cases of astrocytomas including glioblastomas (astrocytomas grades 1-4) were evaluated by means of Feulgen-stained microscopic slides for nuclear parameters obtained by automated black and white image analysis (ABWIA). The goal was to determine to what extent nuclear features evaluated by ABWIA were applicable as classifiers for the computer-aided numerical classification of malignancy in astrocytomas. Before the automated evaluation, all tumours had been subjectively graded according to the Mayo Clinic grading rules as delineated by Ringertz. Twenty-three nuclear parameters were evaluated and tested for their classification impact. With a model of five parameters (number of nuclei per area, mean of the convex form factor, extinction sum, extinction variation, and full-width-half-maximum of the extinction distribution) the highest reclassification rate of 75\% correctly reclassified cases was obtained. Although this is a good result for a classification using only nuclear parameters, it is too poor for practical application. Thus, nuclear parameters evaluated by ABWIA alone are insufficient for numerical classification models assessing the malignant expression of astrocytomas.

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