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Two-Dimensional Zero-Quantum Coherence 1H NMR Spectroscopy of Glutamate and Glutamine

S. Snyder, S. Kirsch, K. Kraus and P. Bachert

Proceedings 16th Scientific Meeting, International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Toronto,, p.1564

Strong signal overlap of glutamate and glutamine creates a spectroscopic imaging challenge. To more precisely differentiate the two, we recorded series of ¹H NMR stimulated-echo acquisition mode (STEAM) spectra with varying mixing time intervals from Glu and Gln model solutions on a 3 Tesla whole-body MR tomograph. For scalar-coupled molecules, this leads to an intrinsic phase modulation frequency of zero-quantum coherences (ZQC). The outer peaks of the α-CH triplet of both glutamate and glutamine could be clearly identified due to their chemical shifts and ZQC modulation. This provides an additional parameter for the identification of glutamate and glutamine.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Frank Zöllner last modified: 15.07.2019
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