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Variability and Reproducibility of 3rd-generation dual-source dynamic volume perfusion CT Parameters in Comparison to MR-perfusion Parameters in Rectal Cancer

S. Sudarski, T. Henzler, T. Floss, T. Gaa, M. Meyer, H. Haubenreisser, S. Schoenberg and U. Attenberger

Sci Rep, 8, p.6868

To compare in patients with untreated rectal cancer quantitative perfusion parameters calculated from 3rd-generation dual-source dynamic volume perfusion CT (dVPCT) with 3-Tesla-MR-perfusion with regard to data variability and tumour differentiation. In MR-perfusion, plasma flow (PF), plasma volume (PV) and mean transit time (MTT) were assessed in two measurements (M1 and M2) by the same reader. In dVPCT, blood flow (BF), blood volume (BV), MTT and permeability (PERM) were assessed respectively. CT dose values were calculated. 20 patients (60±13 years) were analysed. Intra-individual and intra-reader variability of duplicate MR-perfusion measurements was higher compared to duplicate dVPCT measurements. dVPCT-derived BF, BV and PERM could differentiate between tumour and normal rectal wall (significance level for M1 and M2, respectively, regarding BF: p<0.0001*/0.0001*; BV: p<0.0001*/0.0001*; MTT: p=0.93/0.39; PERM: p<?0.0001*/0.0001*), with MR-perfusion this was true for PF and PV (p-values M1/M2 for PF: p=0.04*/0.01*; PV: p=0.002*/0.003*; MTT: p=0.70/0.27*). Mean effective dose of CT-staging incl. dVPCT was 29±6 mSv (20±5 mSv for dVPCT alone). In conclusion, dVPCT has a lower data variability than MR-perfusion while both dVPCT and MR-perfusion could differentiate tumour tissue from normal rectal wall. With 3rd -generation dual-source CT dVPCT could be included in a standard CT-staging without exceeding national dose reference values.

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