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Bisher veröffentlichte Publikationen

  1. Fink C, Henzler T, Nitschmann S, Schönberg SO.
    Reduction of lung cancer-associated mortality by computed tomography screening. National Lung Screening Trial.
    Internist (Berl). 2012; 53: 1505-6

  2. Schmid-Bindert G, Henzler T, Chu TQ, Meyer M, Schoepf UJ, Nance JW Jr., Dinter D, Krissak R, Manegold C, Schoenberg SO, Fink C.
    Functional imaging of lung cancer using dual energy CT: how does iodine related attenuation correlate with standardized uptake value of 18FDG-PET-CT?
    European Radiology, 2012 Jan;22(1):93-103. Epub 2011 Aug 7.

  3. Nance JW Jr, Henzler T, Meyer M, Apfaltrer P, Braunagel M, Krissak R, Schoepf UJ, Schoenberg SO, Fink C.
    Optimization of Contrast Material Delivery for Dual-Energy Computed Tomography Pulmonary Angiography in Patients With Suspected Pulmonary Embolism.
    Invest Radiol. 2012 Jan;47(1):78-84l. Epub 2011 May 13.



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