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Borrowing and user account

On this page you will find all the information you need on borrowing, returning and reserving items as well as information on managing your user account.

Who is entitled for borrowing?

The following user groups are entitled to borrow items and to use the document delivery service (LLD):

  • Internal

    • Employees of UMM
    • Students of the faculty
    • Doctoral students (doctoral students of the faculty and doctoral students of UMM)
    • Guest scientists and physicians who are employed at UMM for at least 3 months
    • Internships/Clinical trainees who are employed at UMM for at least 3 months
    • Emeriti of the UMM

    • External

      • Staff of the teaching hospitals and training practices of Mannheim Medical Faculty
      • Students of the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences: study courses in medical technology, biotechnology, medical informatics and biological chemistry

      • Users without borrowing privileges

        Not entitled to borrow books, but, if necessary, can obtain a library card and thus an authorization to use our PCs and to make limited use of the document delivery service (interlibrary loan and Heidelberg library system; use of books only in our library):

        • Project-related cooperation partners of the Faculty and the University Hospital

        No borrowing authorization, but, if required, can obtain a library card to use the library and use our PCs:

        • Guest scientists and physicians who are employed at the UMM for less than 3 months
        • Internships/Clinical trainees who are employed at UMM for less than 3 months
        • Other people working in the field of life sciences* (alumni of the faculty; office/staff from clinics and practices in Mannheim and Ludwigshafen; pupils/trainees/students of private educational institutions; private individuals)

        * Life sciences: medicine, biology, chemistry, pharmacy (and interdisciplinary areas)

      • Terms of use of the library system of the University of Heidelberg (in German)

      • Implementing rules (pdf) of the faculty library of the Medical Faculty of Mannheim (in German)


      How do I register?

      Please fill out the registration form at the library and ask for your library card at the counter.

      An explanation of how to change your password can be found in the section below: "How do I manage my account?"

      Note: To register, please bring your employee ID card, a certificate of enrolment or your identity card/passport.

      Which items can be borrowed?

      In general, you can borrow books, textbooks (only for students of our faculty), theses (dissertations/postdoctoral theses) and CDs/DVDs. Single journal issues and volumes are generally not borrowable.

      How does borrowing or ordering work?

      After searching in the online catalogue, you will receive information on the location (class mark, branch office) and status (borrowable, borrowed up to ..., orderable, not borrowable) of the individual copies in the respective detailed display. If required, a signpost link is available.

      Once you have found the desired item, please bring it to one of the self-checkout stations. There you can use your library card and password to check in books and CD-ROMs/DVDs to your user account and, if you wish, receive a receipt showing the return date ("loan period") and the short title of the item.

      If the desired item is not available in the main library but in an institute, a clinic, in the closed stacks, or is on permanent loan (extended loan period), please order the item by following the tab Reservations/Order in the online catalogue. Information for non-students can be found in the following section "What to do if an item is borrowed".

      If an order is available on the freely accessible pick-up shelf, you will be notified by e-mail. Orders from the closed stacks are available the following working day (Mon-Fri) without extra e-mail notification. You can borrow these items within 7 days after notification via a self-checkout station. Please inform us if you no longer need an item.

      Note: Items from institutes/clinics and permanent loans can be borrowed for a maximum of 4 weeks and cannot be extended.

      What to do if an item is borrowed (reservation)?

      To reserve borrowed items you can click on the tab Reserve/Order and the link in the detailed view of the online catalogue. Enter your user number and password. You then have the option of entering a special expiration date (until when is your reservation useful?).

      Please delete any reservations that are no longer required from your user account (submenu Reservations, Cancellation of Reservation).

      If a reservation is available on the freely accessible pick-up shelf, you will be notified by e-mail. You can borrow these items within 7 days of notification (the period may be extended due to public holidays). Please inform us if you no longer need an item.

      Note: If you are not a student and cannot reserve or order items because there are borrowable copies available in the textbook collection (only for students), please register in the online catalogue via the link Register (top right). The system will then activate the Reserve/Order function.

      What are the loan periods? How / when can I extend them?

      The standard loan period is 4 weeks. After that, you can renew an item twice via your user account. This is possible from 10 days before the end of the loan period at the earliest until 1 day before the end of the loan period at the latest (for 4 weeks each time - provided that the items are not reserved). As a rule, you will receive an automatic advance reminder by e-mail 7 days before the end of the respective loan period (due to public holidays, the end of the loan period may be later than 7 days).

      If you need items for more than 3 months, they can be booked back at the circulation desk and borrowed again directly.

      Note: Items from institutes/clinics and permanent loans can be borrowed for a maximum of 4 weeks and cannot be extended.

      How can I return items?

      To return borrowed items, please use our automatic book return station. Location: Entrance hall Haus 42, between the library entrance and the left locker block.

      Instructions on how to return books can be found on the device.

      Note: You do not need a library card to return books.

      Which fees may apply?

      The use of the library is free of charge. Fees are charged for late returns of borrowed items, replacement purchases in the event of loss or damage of an item and for special delivery services such as interlibrary loan and Subito.

      Note: Fees are also due if your user data (e-mail address, postal address) is not up to date and notification is therefore not possible.

      How can I pay the fees?

      You can pay the fees at the pay machine.

      If your card is blocked due to older or high fees, you can only have it unblocked after the fees have been paid in full.

      You can also pay your fees by bank transfer to the following account:

      Recipient: Medizinische Fakultät Mannheim
      Bank: Landesbank Baden-Württemberg
      IBAN: DE40600501010004616342
      BIC: SOLADEST600

      Payment reference: Library, user umber 50…*

      * Please always enter: "library" and your user number in the field "Payment reference". The eight-digit user number is printed on the library card.

      What happens if I lose or damage items?

      If you have lost or damaged a borrowed item, you are obliged to pay appropriate compensation according to § 11 of the user regulations (in German).

      Note: Please do not buy the damaged or lost book yourself, but contact us.

      How do I manage my user account?

      Click on the Account tab at the top of the online catalogue or on User Account on our homepage and log in with your library ID.

      On the Account details tab you can see your borrowed items, fees incurred and, if applicable, your borrowing history. Here you can renew or cancel items on your own.

      On the User details tab you can change your e-mail address.

      For students: Please use your administrative mail address ( for the entire duration of your studies. Please inform us immediately of any changes of term, address (upon presentation of your identity card or registration certificate), or name (contact).
      You can also specify here whether your borrowing history should be saved. Please note the data protection information on borrowing history (these are also stored in the user account).

      Under Change password you can set a new password with six or more alphanumeric characters.

      Note for all users who have changed their password and are neither students here nor have a faculty ID (MEDMA ID): for the login to the PCs you should also change your password because this is not done automatically: 1. login with old password, 2. command Ctrl+Alt+Del > Change Password. Alternatively, we change the password for the PC login with you at the information desk.

      Catalogue Apps (NEW)

      Our Books page describes the two catalogue apps (search and account) for Android and iOS.

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