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Google Scholar

Google Scholar (GS) is used to search for scientific sources, especially essay literature, that are accessible on the web and are available in a format that can be used by the search engine.

Special features:

  • GS is freely available online and can also be accessed via, see section Access Hints and "Check full text" service.
  • Analogous to Web of Science, a citation of:-Link is offered, which lists corresponding sources.
  • If you select EndNote in the Bibliography Manager section of the settings and save the settings (via cookies), the Import to EndNote link is always displayed below the individual hits.
  • A complete list of results (without abstract!) can only be downloaded with an additional program like Publish or Perish (PoP). Even if GS textually displays a seven-digit number of results, e.g. Approximately 1,440,000 results, 1000 hits are always the maximum number of hits available on the web and via PoP.
  • Based on agreements with publishers, GS searches numerous full texts rather than titles and abstracts only.

Search options

In addition to the standard AND search (all terms entered next to each other must be found), OR combinations are also possible, e.g. term1 (term2 OR term3). Phrases (exact word order) can be searched for using quotation marks ("term term").

Note: Placeholders such as * are not allowed and parentheses are ignored (OR-linked terms are searched before spaces or AND)

Using the advanced search (via burger-icon) you can also search for terms in the title only or restrict your search to author, journal and publication years.

You can browse hits with a close thematic similarity by clicking on the link Similar articles.

Further information can be found in the Google Scholar-Help.

Access instructions and "Check full text" service

Although the "Check full text" service is automatically integrated via the database URL above, access from outside the faculty network is only possible for members of the faculty with a library ID, see Access options to licensed electronic media.

Nevertheless, GS is freely accessible online and can also be accessed via If you access GS from outside the faculty and clinic networks, please embed the "Check full text" service via Settings > Library Links > mannheim > Library of the Mannheim Medical Faculty.

Use the "Check full text" service to call up full texts or order them via the document delivery service. If a full text is available, the link "Heidelberg University" is partly provided in the right column of the hit list. Alternatively, there are the links "[HTML] ...", "[PDF] ..." or "Full View".

If this link is not displayed in the right column of the results, please click the double arrow >> and then the link "Check full text MEDMA"

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