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Videos & Animations

Here you will find a selection of licensed and freely accessible offers of videos and animated teaching and learning content.

Licensed offers

Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE)

Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) is licensed partly.  It "includes novel techniques, innovative applications of existing techniques, and gold standard protocols in the physical and life sciences".

Currently, Biochemistry, Biology, Immunology and Infection, Medicine and Neuroscience are licensed from 13 available disciplines.
An overview of the subjects can be found under the tab "Video Journal" in the menu bar of the JoVE homepage. The licensed contents are marked blue here.

In addition to the licensed content, some videos are freely available in all subject areas.

You can access JoVE-content via the online catalogue or, or - via the "Check fulltext MEDMA" button - from PubMed.

Database access from outside the faculty network is only possible for members of the faculty with a library identification, see Access Options.

Webop - all about surgical operations

The licensed e-learning platform for general, visceral and transplantation surgery webop: all about surgical operations offers video sequences of more than 100 surgical procedures - combined with text and image material. Audience: "healthcare professionals, medical students, young residents and those facing board certification".

Database access from outside the faculty network is only possible for members of the faculty with a library identification, see Access Options.

Meditricks (memorable pictures and videos)

Meditricks (in German) is licensed until 31.5.2021 for students of our faculty.

Memorable images are explained with audio and text animations; in addition to the standard explanations (basic knowledge), there are often shorter formats such as expert knowledge, quintessence and quiz, see (in German).
News and usage tips are available at (in German).

The majority of the newer Meditricks, are also available in AMBOSS (licence = german version).

How do you get access?

If you do not have an account yet:

  • Please register (in German; if necessary login with library identification).
    : You can also use the UMM address as your address (please change it if you want to order books via the account).

If you already have an account, you will have to enter the Uni-Mail (@stud...) in your profile and then perform the verification via the link above.

Afterwards you can log in via > Einloggen (in German).

Teaching videos of the Medical Faculty Mannheim

Panopto (Video system of the Medical Faculty Mannheim)

Panopto is the faculty's web-based video content management system. It contains both locally created lecture recordings and teaching videos provided by lecturers.

Access is via the learning platform Moodle.
Further information on the faculty's teaching systems can be found at (in German).  

Teaching videos of the Medical Faculty Heidelberg

Heidelberg Clinical Standards (Heidelberger Klinische Standards - Portal language = German)

The Heidelberg Clinical Standards portal (in German) contains textbooks and educational films that are used as standard works in the HeiCuMed study programme: Heidelberg Standard Examinations, Heidelberg Standard Procedures, Heidelberg Standard Discussions.

Within the digital MaReCum teaching, the teaching videos and book contents required for the individual modules are accessible via Moodle.

Access via Moodle (Videos and Books)

For students of the Mannheim Medical Faculty, the educational films and book contents of the portal are currently available for testing.

Access in Moodle:

Access outside Moodle (Videos)

Access procedure (see also screenshots below):

  • You can access the Heidelberg Clinical Standards portal (in German) at
  • In the menu item Media Library click on the desired content. The table of contents of the underlying book will open.
    After clicking on the desired chapter, any embedded video content is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen.
    Note: The book contents are not displayed. The videos are accessible despite the displayed error message "Das Buch kann nicht geladen werden" (the book cannot be loaded).
  • Screenshots:

Selection of freely accessible resources

Tübingen Sectio Chirurgica

The freely accessible platform "" (in English) is provided by the Institute for Clinical Anatomy and Cell Analysis at the University of Tübingen, Medical Faculty (MFT).

Target groups are medical and medical-related study courses, as well as medical and medical-related professional groups. Since access to the platform is limited to specialist groups, registration is required.

Moderated online lectures (live stream) on interdisciplinary surgical procedures on anatomical specimens are offered. Viewers can ask questions directly in the operating room via live chat.

Registration | Programme | Livestream and Media Library

Functional Neuroanatomy (University of British Columbia)

Functional Neuroanatomy is a platform of the University of British Columbia with “open educational resources for neuroscience and anatomy for the global community, including video, e-books and interactive web materials”.

Besides an introduction to neuroanatomy, videos, interactive modules, atlases, diagrams, 3D reconstructions, MRIs, cross sections are available. The neuroanatomy teaching program of the UBC and a further portal on clinical anatomy complete the resource.

Armando Hasudungan - Biology and Medicine Videos

The freely accessible portal Armando Hasudungan Biology and Medicine Videos is a personal initiative of the physician Armando Hasudungan, who creates easily understandable instructional videos, descriptions and posters for various medical specialties/diseases.

In the videos, he draws organ systems and functional or disease contexts while explaining them.
The "Notes" section contains detailed descriptions of diseases and "Clinical Presentations".
In addition to the videos he offers drawn PDF posters (for purchase).

Selection of further resources (from a student survey)

  • KENHUB online learning platform for anatomy (video tutorials, quizzes, articles, atlas), Basic account free
  • via medici Learning modules (Thieme; in German) - test access until 31.07.2020
  • learning platform for ultrasound and ECG with online certificate courses and apps (e.g. University of Vienna), fee required with some free content
  • Viku - the MEDILEARN Video course (in German) - part of the MEDILEARN tutorials (in German), networking with AMBOSS possible, fee required
  • Lecturio (Medicine) Online video courses for exam preparation, fee required
  • SketchyMedical preparation for USMLE, fee required

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