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Core Facilities

For modern biomedical research, access to sophisticated technologies is indispensable. In order to meet this requirement, the sharing of personnel and equipment resources as well as the build up of methodological expertise is indispensable. Core Facilities have therefore become part of a modern research infrastructure and contribute decisively to the success of research. On the one hand, they offer the working groups direct access to the latest applications and methods, and on the other hand, they ensure effective use of the resources on the basis of appropriate concepts of utilization and allocation.

Core facilities fulfill several strategically important tasks of the faculty. On the one hand, they should provide a state-of-the-art technical and operational platform in the thematically important areas with effective and quality-assured use for all interested parties. On the other hand, they are to become the instrument of the strategic further development of research foci and their associated core themes. The Core Facilites of the Medical Faculty of Mannheim cover various areas of research.

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