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Dr. Maren Engelhardt

During development of the mammalian central nervous system, complex connections are established that serve to transmit all incoming sensory information via action potentials. The development of sensory systems (vision, hearing, touch, etc.) largely depends on incoming synaptic activity. For the generation of action potentials, a specialized axonal domain, the axon initial segment (AIS) is essential. Structure and function of the AIS is essentially regulated by the membrane scaffolding protein AnkyrinG (ANK3 gene), which clusters voltage-gated ion channels at the AIS.

Furthermore, the AIS plays a fundamental role for the establishment of neuronal polarity, a key requisite for normal neuronal function. Mutations in ANK3 and the resulting structural perturbations have been associated with various human cognitive diseases as well as certain forms of epilepsy. Therefore, we focus our work on uncovering the mechanisms that drive developmental AIS maturation as well as its plasticity both during development and in the adult.

Currently, our major topics are:

  • AIS plasticity in sensory systems
  • developmental neurobiolgy of axonal domains in the visual system
  • Ankyrin variants in models of human CNS diseases
(A) A pyramidal neuron in an organotypic culture, biolistically transfected with mCherry (red) with its AIS (βIV-spectrin, green) after immunofluorescence (Collaboration project with P. Wahle, Developmental Neurobiology, RUB Bochum), Image from Höfflin et al., in preparation. (B) Molecular composition of the AIS, section from the axonal membrane and cytoskeleton (© A. Schlüter). (C) Summary of our data regarding AIS plasticity from the visual and somatosensory cortex: Sensory deprivation results in massive elongation of the AIS (cells are more excitable); over-excitation rapidly (3 hr) results in AIS shortening (cells are less excitable). From Gutzmann et al., 2014 and Jamann et al., in preparation.

Selection of recent publications

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