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Centre for Biomedicine and Medical Technology Mannheim

The Medical Faculty Mannheim is the first in Germany to unite the traditional preclinical disciplines of anatomy, biochemistry and physiology into one interdisciplinary center joined together with additional departments devoted to medical research. The center serves as a hub for basic biomedical research and fosters applied translational research.

The objective of the CBTM is to bring together a broad range of expertise to advance the knowledge about diseases and their treatment. Work at the CBTM is closely linked to the fields of focus of the Medical Faculty Mannheim and is supported by a network of core facilities, three of which are hosted by the CBTM.

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Prof. Dr. Rolf-Detlef Treede
(Managing Director)

Prof. Dr. Heike Allgayer
(Deputy Director)
Prof. Dr. Georg Stoecklin
(Deputy Director)



yCBTM Forum

Young CBTM Doctoral Peer Support Group Meeting

Every first Thursday at 5pm


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Momentarily there are no open positions at CBTM.

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