Welcome to LEARN

School of Translational Medicine, Medical Faculty Mannheim (STMM)


LEARN is the STMM's online platform for Learning Education Accreditation Resources and Notifications.

Participants of educational programmes can book courses offered by or via the STMM, track the credits they have already achieved in their structured programme and organize their mentoring or TAC meetings.

Supervisors, TAC members and mentors can monitor the progress of their mentees.

Teachers, who regularly offer courses, can use the platform with an own account.



Participants of education programs can follow the registration process directly on this page.

You can only register with your Uni ID (format xy123) and accompanying password, provided by the University of Heidelberg. 

NOTE: Please choose your current occupation and education program carefully in the dropdown menus. These choices will determine if and how your credits will be calculated.

Supervisors and TAC members will receive a message directly from the system asking them to log in.

If you are a supervisor, TAC member, Postdoc or clinician scientist and do not have a Uni-ID or Project Number of Heidelberg University, please contact stmm.learn@medma.uni-heidelberg.de

All others: If you are a student or doctoral candidate of another university, the coordinator of an RTG etc. or a teacher who would like to offer courses, please contact stmm.learn@medma.uni-heidelberg.de for your personal account.