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"I obtained by diploma in Biochemistry at the Catholic University of Chile in Santiago graduating with a thesis focused in studying the role of angiogenic factors secreted by bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in regulating cortical embryonic neural stem cells properties. After obtaining a Scholarship for my doctorate studies, I joined Carmens’ lab in August 2013 as a HBIGS PhD student interested to understand on how the neurovascular crosstalk drives spinal cord development. For this I make use of mouse genetics, using the Cre-lox recombination system to ablate certain angiogenic factors in specific spinal neural domains. I combine this with in vitro approaches isolating neural progenitors from the embryonic spinal cord. I also plan to study motor nerve targeting and complement these experiments with locomotor behavioral assays."

Anne Emilia Korhonen


Geza Schermann


"I did my undergraduate studies in Microbiology from University of Mumbai, India. After finishing my Masters in Health Sciences (also from India), I got into the CIM-IMPRS (Cells in Motion and International Max Planck Research School) graduate school in Münster, Germany. I finished my PhD under the supervision of Prof. Andreas Püschel in developmental neuroscience and cell biology. In early 2016, I headed to University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada and did a brief postdoctoral research in the lab of Prof. Shernaz Bamji in the field of neuroscience and mental disorders. I returned back to Germany by the end of 2017 and joined the research group of Carmen, with an interest in understanding the crosstalk between the developing brain and invading vasculature in the CNS."

I completed my undergraduate studies in Molecular Biology and Genetics at the Democritus University of Thrace in Greece. After conducting my diploma thesis in the field of Molecular and Developmental Neurobiology, I joined the lab of Prof. Dr. Stephan Kröger at Ludwig-Maximilians-University for my Ph.D. During this time my work focused on unraveling mechanisms involved in dendritic development and spine formation in CNS neurons. Currently, in the Ruiz de Almodovar lab, my post-doctoral research focuses on neurovascular homeostasis.

PhD students

Can Gürkaşlar

PhD Student

Phone +49 621 383-71626

"I did my undergraduate studies in Molecular Biology and Genetics in Istanbul Technical University than did my Master studies in Boğaziçi University in the same city. My MSc project was about specific signaling effects of a mycotoxin called Ochratoxin A. With the scholarship for my PhD studies, I joined in Carmen’s research group in March 2020. My PhD project is focused on understanding the role of YAP/TAZ endothelial cell signaling in brain metastasis."

Carla Ramunno

PhD Student

Phone +49 621 383-71622

"I come from Argentina, where I studied Biotechnology at the National University of Rosario. My undergraduate project focused on the characterization of the interaction between alpha-Synuclein, an intrinsically disordered protein involved in Parkinson's disease, and certain heterocyclic molecules. Now, I will continue my studies at the University of Heidelberg as a HBIGS PhD student in Ruiz de Almodóvar's lab. My PhD project will be focused on understanding vascular and oligodendrocyte crosstalk in development and disease."

"I come from Porto, a beautiful city in Portugal where I lived my whole life and also where I completed my BSc in Biochemistry and MSc in Neurobiology. My MSc project was focused on understanding the effect of Transthyretin in the brain vasculature. Now, I moved to Heidelberg to study at the University of Heidelberg as a HBIGS PhD student. In Ruiz de Almodovar’s lab, my PhD project will be focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms controlling the neuro-vascular communication during Neural Tube vascularization."

Master students

Anna Schrattel

Master student

Shayan Zarinbal

Master student

Lab Alumni

Laura Castro

TA 2013 - 2016

Patricia Himmels

PhD student 2013 - 2017
Current position: Postdoc at Genentech (San Francisco, USA)

Robert Luck 

PhD student / postdoc 2014 - 2020
Current position: Postdoc at Genentech (San Francisco, USA)

Melanie Richter

TA 2016 - 2020

Nathalie Tisch 

PhD student / postdoc 2014 - 2020
Current position: Postdoc at Technion Israel Institute of Technology (Haifa, Israel)

Severino Urban

PhD student 2011 - 2016
Current position: Consultant at Gempex GMBH

Aida Freire Valls

Phd Student 2014 - 2019

Xiaohong Wang

Postdoc 2013 - 2018
Current position: Full professor at Tianjin Medical University, China

Rosario Yerbes

Postdoc 2012 - 2015
Current position: Senior postdoc at Cabimer (Sevilla, Spain)