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  1. Attenberger UI, Michaely HJ, Wintersperger BJ, Sourbron SP, Lodemann KP, Reiser MF, Schoenberg SO.
     Three-dimensional contrast-enhanced magnetic-resonance angiography of the renal arteries: Interindividual comparison of 0.2 mmol/kg gadobutrol at 1.5 T and 0.1 mmol/kg gadobenate dimeglumine at 3.0 T.
     Eur Radiol 2008; 18:1260-1268. IF: 3,405

  2. Attenberger UI, Sourbron SP, Notohamiprodjo M, Lodemann KP, Glaser CG, Reiser MF, Schoenberg SO, Michaely HJ.

     MR-based semi-automated quantification of renal functional parameters with a two-compartment model-An interobserver analysis.

     Eur J Radiol 2008; 65:59-65. IF: 1,915

  3. Bartling SH, Dinkel J, Stiller W, Grasruck M, Madisch I, Kauczor HU, Semmler W, Gupta R, Kiessling F.

     Intrinsic respiratory gating in small-animal CT.

     Eur Radiol 2008; 18:1375-1384. IF: 3,405


  4. Bauerle T, Hilbig H, Bartling S, Kiessling F, Kersten A, Schmitt-Graff A, Kauczor HU, Delorme S, Berger MR.

     Bevacizumab inhibits breast cancer-induced osteolysis, surrounding soft tissue metastasis, and angiogenesis in rats as visualized by VCT and MRI.

     Neoplasia 2008; 10:511-520. IF: 5,674


  5. Baur-Melnyk A, Buhmann S, Becker C, Schoenberg SO, Lang N, Bartl R, Reiser MF.

     Whole-body MRI versus whole-body MDCT for staging of multiple myeloma.

     AJR Am J Roentgenol 2008; 190:1097-1104. IF: 2,117


  6. Boehm HF, Fink C, Attenberger U, Becker C, Behr J, Reiser M.

     Automated classification of normal and pathologic pulmonary tissue by topological texture features extracted from multi-detector CT in 3D.

     Eur Radiol 2008. IF: 3,405


  7. Busing K, Kilian A, Schaible T, Neff K.

     Prenatal magnetic resonance imaging of vein of Galen aneurysm associated with heart failure.

     Pediatrics Internat 2008; in press. IF: 0,737


  8. Busing KA, Kilian AK, Schaible T, Debus A, Weiss C, Neff KW.

     Reliability and validity of MR image lung volume measurement in fetuses with congenital diaphragmatic hernia and in vitro lung models.

     Radiology 2008; 246:553-561. IF: 5,561


  9. Busing KA, Kilian AK, Schaible T, Endler C, Schaffelder R, Neff KW.

     MR relative fetal lung volume in congenital diaphragmatic hernia: survival and need for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.

     Radiology 2008; 248:240-246. IF: 5,561


  10. Büsing KA, Kilian K, Schaible T, Dinter D, Neff W.

     Logistic regression analysis based on MRI lung volume measurement in fetuses with CDH before and after 30 weeks’ gestation: Prediction of mortality and the need for ECMO therapy.

     Radiology 2008; in press. IF: 5,561


  11. Clevert DA, Minaifar N, Weckbach S, Jung EM, Stock K, Reiser M, Staehler M.

     Multislice computed tomography versus contrast-enhanced ultrasound in evaluation of complex cystic renal masses using the Bosniak classification system.

     Clin Hemorheol Microcirc 2008; 39:171-178. IF: 0,977


  12. Clevert DA, Minaifar N, Weckbach S, Kopp R, Meimarakis G, Reiser M.

     Color duplex ultrasound and contrast-enhanced ultrasound in comparison to MS-CT in the detection of endoleak following endovascular aneurysm repair.

     Clin Hemorheol Microcirc 2008; 39:121-132. IF: 0,977


  13. Clevert DA, Stickel M, Kopp R, Weidenhagen R, Fink C, Jauch KW, Reiser M.

     Contrast-enhanced ultrasound versus CT and operative findings in evaluation of renal vein aneurysm with av fistula.

     Clin Hemorheol Microcirc 2008; in Press. IF: 0,977


  14. Dietrich O, Raya JG, Reeder SB, Ingrisch M, Reiser MF, Schoenberg SO.

     Influence of multichannel combination, parallel imaging and other reconstruction techniques on MRI noise characteristics.

     Magn Reson Imaging 2008. IF: 1,486


  15. Dietrich O, Reiser MF, Schoenberg SO.

     Artifacts in 3-T MRI: Physical background and reduction strategies.

     Eur J Radiol 2008; 65:29-35. IF: 1,915


  16. Dinter DJ, Hofheinz RD, Hartel M, Kaehler GF, Neff W, Diehl SJ.

     Preoperative staging of rectal tumors: comparison of endorectal ultrasound, hydro-CT, and high-resolution endorectal MRI.

     Onkologie 2008; 31:230-235. IF: 1,227


  17. Engelmann MG, Theiss HD, Theiss C, Huber A, Wintersperger BJ, Werle-Ruedinger AE, Schoenberg SO, Steinbeck G, Franz WM.

     G-CSF in patients suffering from late revascularized ST elevation myocardial infarction: analysis on the timing of G-CSF administration.

     Exp Hematol 2008; 36:703-709. IF: 3,147


  18. Fink C, Johnson TRC, Michaely HJ, Morhard D, Becker CR, Reiser MF, K N.

     Dual-Energy CT Angiography of the Lung in Patients with suspected Pulmonary Embolism: Initial results

    Röfo 2008; in press. IF: 1,882


  19. Jiang X, Zhang W, Kayed H, Zheng P, Giese NA, Friess H, Kleeff J.

     Loss of ONECUT1 expression in human pancreatic cancer cells.

     Oncol Rep 2008; 19:157-163. IF: 1,597


  20. Kayed H, Bekasi S, Keleg S, Welsch T, Esposito I, Shimamura A, Michalski CW, Friess H, Kleeff J.

     Expression of the Shwachman-Bodian-Diamond syndrome (SBDS) protein in human pancreatic cancer and chronic pancreatitis.

     Histol Histopathol 2008; 23:819-826. IF: 2,007


  21. Kolligs FT, Zech CJ, Schonberg SO, Schirra J, Thasler W, Graeb C, Beuers U, Wilkowski R, Jacobs T, Bock S, Berster J, Heinemann V, Schafer C.

     [Interdisciplinary Diagnosis of and Therapy for Cholangiocarcinoma.].

     Z Gastroenterol 2008; 46:58-68. IF: 1,026


  22. Kramer H, Quick HH, Tombach B, Schoenberg SO, Barkhausen J.

     Whole-Body MRA.

     Eur Radiol 2008. IF: 3,405


  23. Kramer H, Weckbach S, van Kaick G, Reiser MF, Schoenberg SO.

     [Screening in cardiovascular diseases.].

     Radiologe 2008; 48:52-62. IF: 0,505


  24. Kuder TA, Risse F, Eichinger M, Ley S, Puderbach M, Kauczor HU, Fink C.

     New method for 3D parametric visualization of contrast-enhanced pulmonary perfusion MRI data.

     Eur Radiol 2008; 18:291-297. IF: 3,405


  25. Majdani O, Bartling SH, Leinung M, Stover T, Lenarz M, Dullin C, Lenarz T.

     A true minimally invasive approach for cochlear implantation: high accuracy in cranial base navigation through flat-panel-based volume computed tomography.

     Otol Neurotol 2008; 29:120-123. IF: 1,410


  26. Majdani O, Bartling SH, Leinung M, Stover T, Lenarz M, Dullin C, Lenarz T.

     [Image-guided minimal-invasive cochlear implantation--experiments on cadavers].

     Laryngorhinootologie 2008; 87:18-22. IF: 0,296


  27. Meindl T, Born C, Britsch S, Reiser M, Schoenberg S.

     Functional BOLD MRI: comparison of different field strengths in a motor task.

     Eur Radiol 2008. IF: 3,405


  28. Michaely HJ, Kramer H, Weckbach S, Dietrich O, Reiser MF, Schoenberg SO.

     Renal T2-weighted turbo-spin-echo imaging with BLADE at 3.0 Tesla: initial experience.

     J Magn Reson Imaging 2008; 27:148-153. IF: 2,209


  29. Michaely HJ, Reichert M, Weckbach S, Schoenberg SO.

     [Vascular and parenchymal diseases of the kidney.].

     Radiologe 2008; 48:185-202. IF: 0,505


  30. Michaely HJ, Sourbron SP, Buettner C, Lodemann KP, Reiser MF, Schoenberg SO.

     Temporal constraints in renal perfusion imaging with a 2-compartment model.

     Invest Radiol 2008; 43:120-128. IF: 4,234


  31. Molinari F, Puderbach M, Eichinger M, Ley S, Fink C, Bonomo L, Kauczor HU, Bock M.

     Oxygen-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Influence of Different Gas Delivery Methods on the T1-changes of the Lungs.

     Invest Radiol 2008; 43:427-432. IF: 4,234


  32. Morhard D, Fink C, Becker C, Reiser MF, Nikolaou K.

     Value of automatic bone subtraction in cranial CT angiography: comparison of bone-subtracted vs. standard CT angiography in 100 patients.

     Eur Radiol 2008. IF: 3,405


  33. Reichardt B, Sarwar A, Bartling SH, Cheung A, Grasruck M, Leidecker C, Bredella MA, Brady TJ, Gupta R.

     Musculoskeletal applications of flat-panel volume CT.

     Skeletal Radiol 2008. IF: 1,136



  34. Retter J, Neff W, Singer MV.

     Small bowel obstruction produced by a phytobezoar.

     Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol 2008; 6:A20. IF: 5,465



  35. Saam T, Schoenberg SO, Hatsukami TS, Reiser M, Yuan C, Nikolaou K.

     [High-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Carotid Atherosclerotic Plaque.].

     Rofo 2008; 180:100-111. IF: 1,882



  36. Schmidt GP, Baur-Melnyk A, Haug A, Heinemann V, Bauerfeind I, Reiser MF, Schoenberg SO.

     Comprehensive imaging of tumor recurrence in breast cancer patients using whole-body MRI at 1.5 and 3T compared to FDG-PET-CT.

     Eur J Radiol 2008; 65:47-58. IF: 1,915


  37. Sourbron SP, Michaely HJ, Reiser MF, Schoenberg SO.

     MRI-measurement of perfusion and glomerular filtration in the human kidney with a separable compartment model.

     Invest Radiol 2008; 43:40-48. IF: 4,234


  38. Young AA, Cowan BR, Schoenberg SO, Wintersperger BJ.

     Feasibility of single breath-hold left ventricular function with 3 Tesla TSENSE acquisition and 3D modeling analysis.

     J Cardiovasc Magn Reson 2008; 10:24. IF: 1,867


  39. Zech CJ, Herrmann KA, Dietrich O, Horger W, Reiser MF, Schoenberg SO.

     Black-blood diffusion-weighted EPI acquisition of the liver with parallel imaging: comparison with a standard T2-weighted sequence for detection of focal liver lesions.

     Invest Radiol 2008; 43:261-266. IF: 4,234



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