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School of Translational Medicine of the Medical Faculty Mannheim

The School of Translational Medicine of the Medical Faculty Mannheim, Heidelberg University (STMM) is an umbrella organization that bundles and expands the currently running programs for doctoral students and the advanced training for young clinician and life scientists. It provides a framework for training, scientific exchange as well as translational interaction between clinical and basic researchers. Thus, the STMM includes curricular and extracurricular components of scientific training for various doctoral programs (Dr. med. and Dr. sc. hum) as well as continuing education activities for other young scientists at the faculty (e. g. ICON and MACS), makes external resources available, and offers own conferences and schools.

Events at the UMM that are of interest for researchers and can be used as training components by junior scientists can be found on the events page.

The STMM cooperates with the training programmes at the UMM, the medical faculties of Mannheim and Heidelberg, with the institutions for life scientists at the University of Heidelberg, as well as with a large number of external partners.

All doctoral students at the Medical Faculty of Mannheim as well as young scientists in structured training programmes can use the STMM IT platform to manage their courses and activities soon. Lecture series, scientific lectures and conferences can and should be advertised via the platform.

Thematically, the STMM covers the entire spectrum of translational medical research. On the one hand, young scientists are encouraged to transfer research results from the laboratory to the clinical environment. On the other hand, previously unresolved clinical questions are translated into research projects. In addition, translational medical research includes the application of clinical research results in the broader health care system by introducing new knowledge into medical practice. Thus, aspects of medical economics and health care are also core competencies in translational medical research. Furthermore, commercial translation plays an essential role in the translational continuum because new interventions must be both therapeutically effective and commercially successful to achieve clinical relevance for the healthcare system. Therefore, there will also be teaching and collaborations in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship, commercialization and industrial practice as part of the translational medical research focus.


School of Translational Medicine (STMM)

Medical Faculty Mannheim,
Heidelberg University

Tridomus C, Ebene 4
Ludolf-Krehl-Straße 13-17
68167 Mannheim

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