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Who is a member?

All Early Career Researchers who are affiliated with the Medical Faculty Mannheim and fall into one of the following categories, are automatically members:

  • all doctoral candidates admitted by the doctoral committees of the Med. Faculty Mannheim (Dr. sc. hum., Dr. med., Dr. med. dent.), from their acceptance until the end of their doctorate,
  • all postdoctoral and early career researchers (e.g. Clinician Scientists, Advanced Clinician Scientists, Data Scientists, Medical Scientists, etc.), from acceptance into a structured funding program until completion or discontinuation of funding,
  • all students in Master's degree programs from their enrollment until the end of their studies.

Other early career researchers who would like to take advantage of the STMM's services but do not fall into the above categories can apply for membership (application form). This applies, for example, to doctoral students from other faculties at Heidelberg University (e.g. Dr. rer. nat.) or other universities, as well as postdoctoral researchers or clinician/data/medical scientists who are not part of a structured funding program.

We cordially invite all early career researchers at the Medical Faculty Mannheim to become members of the STMM!

(A detailed explanation of membership can be found in the STMM statutes.)

Members’ Assembly

The Members’ Assembly consists of all members of the STMM. It meets at least once a year to discuss matters relevant to the members of the STMM and to introduce the STMM to new members.

Members’ representatives

The STMM Members’ Assembly elects seven representatives from among its members. In principle, these should comprise at least one doctoral student for Dr. sc. hum., one doctoral student for Dr. med. (dent.), one postdoctoral researcher, one clinician scientist, and one medical/data scientist. Members’ representatives are elected for a period of two years; re-election is possible.

The Members’ representatives elect a chair and co-chair from among their group, who are responsible for organising and chairing the regular meetings as well as the meetings and elections of the Members’ Assembly.

Members’ representatives gather and transmit suggestions for the development of the STMM’s activities to the steering committee, and organise activities to foster cohesion of the STMM member network.

To get in touch with members’ representatives and other fellow members, please join the STMM slack channel:

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STMM office

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Support young scientists

Details can be found in the section Nachwuchsförderung
(in German).