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Dr. sc. hum. Structured Programme

Doctoral candidates for the Dr. sc. hum. degree at the Mannheim Medical Faculty follow the STMM structured Dr. sc. hum. programme - insofar as they are not involved in a Research Training Group. The doctoral office (Promotionsbüro) is responsible for the formal requirements, registration and all other information regarding the doctorate.

New doctoral regulations

The new regulations for the Dr. sc. hum. doctoral studies that came into force on March 1, 2022 require that students follow a compulsory study programme, in addition to their research work. The content and implementation of this study programme is regulated by the doctoral committee. The implementation regulations (Ausführungsbestimmungen) can be found here. Students are also required to have a Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC).

Structured programme

For students performing research within graduate programmes such as those offered by DFG-financed Research Training Groups (RTGs), participation in the structured education programmes offered by these RTGs is usually sufficient to cover the requirements of the Dr. sc. hum. compulsory study programme. For other students, the School of Translational Medicine of the Mannheim Medical Faculty of the University of Heidelberg (STMM) offers a curriculum and courses that constitute a Dr. sc. hum. study programme. New students who wish to participate in the STMM Dr. sc. hum. structured education programme should specify this in the “Promotionsvereinbarung” that is submitted when applying for acceptance as a doctoral student. Courses and activities that are not offered by the STMM, but which are nevertheless relevant for the different categories specified in the curriculum may in principle also be accredited for the STMM structured training programme, subject to agreement with the STMM office.

Accreditation of activities

Soon there will be the possibility to have courses and activities completed within the STMM Dr. sc. hum. structured education programme approved online via the STMM IT platform LEARN. Meanwhile, doctoral students should document all the completed activities undertaken towards the requirements of the STMM Dr. sc. hum. structured education programme using the form provided. These forms can then be uploaded and accredited once the STMM IT platform is available online.

Doctoral researchers in RTGs or other graduate schools should continue to follow the structured programme of their RTG or graduate school and should state this in the doctoral agreement. No further documentation or approval is currently required, unless specified by the RTG.


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