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Medical Faculty Mannheim

Together with the University Medical Centre Mannheim, our faculty forms the Universitäts Medizin Mannheim – UMM. It was created in 1964 as second medical faculty of Heidelberg University. Originally it had a purely clinical focus but in 2006, the Medical Faculty Mannheim was transformed into a comprehensive medical faculty covering both pre-clinical and clinical training. It now offers an innovative curriculum for medical students from year one – which is known as MaReCuM.

Pioneering curriculum

Our medical curriculum is based on an interdisciplinary and integrative approach to teaching and has proved successful right from the start. Our students achieved high scores in the M1 (the first stage of the nationwide state examination for medicine), ranking on top positions among the 34 medical faculties in Germany every year.

Master Programmes

In addition to medicine, our faculty offers various distinguished Master level programmes in fields closely linked to medicine.

Interdisciplinary Research

Research activities at our Medical Faulty Mannheim are primarily focussed on four thematic areas: Medical Systems Technologies, Translational Neurosciences, Oncology and Vascular Biology & Medicine. The active participation of almost all clinics and institutes of the faculty in these areas reflect the strong interdisciplinary approach of our research. This is further strengthened through cooperation with the University of Mannheim, the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim, the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ), the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Max-Planck-Institute (MPI) for Medical Research and our sister medical faculty in Heidelberg, to name only a few.

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