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Summarizer Tools

What are Summarizer Tools?

these are so called text summarisation tools that help to

  • summarise documents
  •  analyse texts
  •  reduce texts to the most important core sentences
  •  and draw conclusions

All this can be done with one click and is useful for people who have to process a lot of information in a short time.

Tips for working with Summarizer Tools

Only use well structured texts such as

  • Scientific texts
  • Newspaper articles
  • Historical texts
  • Working texts
  • Argumentations

Not usable are: Novels, narrative texts, plays, dialogues or interviews

It is not possible to summarise a text for the following reasons:

  • Text too short or sufficiently summarised
  • Poorly written or structured
  • Missing closing inverted commas
  • Language of the text not in the available languages
  • Poorly written HTML code
  • GetDigest

    GetDigest's intelligent software extracts the most important information from a text and creates an individual short summary of the key points, including the most important keywords and facts.

    • Easy to use: Source text can be uploaded from a file, the following formats are accepted: Word, PDF, text only (.txt). A URL can be entered or the copy and paste function can be used.
    • GetDigest also supports add-ons for the browsers: Google Chrome and Firefox, the add-ons (beta version) are free of charge.
    • The summary is available as a text file.
    • Length of the summary can be selected in percent (5-55).
    • 7,000 characters free, longer texts are chargeable.
    • GetDigest recognises in which language a text is available. Currently GetDigest analyses texts in over 33 languages.
    • No registration necessary!
    • Data protection:
  • Resoomer

    With Resoomer, content can be filtered according to essential factors, key topics and ideas in order to interpret and analyse the text more quickly.

    • Software only works with argumentative text (other texts are not correctly reformulated).

    • Easy to use: copy and paste text into the web tool or use a browser extension (add-on) for Firefox, Google Chrome.

    • Tool is available in several languages

    • No registration necessary!

    • With the free version of Resoomer, texts of up to 40,000 characters can be summarised; the premium version (fee required) increases this number to 200,000 and eliminates advertising.

    • Resoomer protects confidentiality in accordance with European data protection regulations

  • Scholarcy

    Scholarcy provides an online article summary that reads content within seconds and creates flashcard. The summary flashcard is divided into sections to make it easier to evaluate the document.

    • Easy to use: Articles, reports or book chapters can be uploaded in the formats: PDF, Word, text only (.txt), XML, LaTeX or RIS. Scholarcy also has a browser extension for Edge and Google Chrome.
    • Browser extensions work with some open access repositories.
    • It is also possible to download the bibliography in BibTex or RIS format to import each entry into your preferred reference management tool.
    • Scholarcy creates links to open access versions of the cited sources and can be configured to extract figures, tables and images.
    • The Tool also trawls the web to find the papers in the references on your report or assignment.
    • Scholarcy's Robo-Highlighter ™ automatically highlights important sentences and contributions of the paper.
    • Scholarcy summarises the paper with references and rewrites statements in the third person, making it easier to correctly cite information in the document.
    • Summary process is fully customisable: for example number of words, degree of highlighting and degree of language variation.
    • Language of the tool is adjustable via Google Translator.
    • Free version: Browser extension for Chrome and Edge with which you can turn any document into an interactive summary map, no saving possible.
    • To use all the above functions, including saving in your own library, you need the Scholarcy Library, for which a charge is made. The service costs $7.99 per month or $72 annually. (as of 09.08.2021).
    • Data protection:
  • Writefull

    Writefull offers AI software that corrects grammar, vocabulary and punctuation in academic English and makes suggestions to improve language use.

    • Easy to use: Copy text parts and paste them into the web tool. Writefull's suggestions appear to the right of the copied text. You can accept or reject them with a single click.
    • Suggestions are based on real-world, context-specific usages rather than a fixed set of grammatical rules. According to the provider, Writefull has learned billions of sentences from the scientific literature, making it very different from standard rule-based grammar checks.
    • Writefull offers a range of free widgets to help with writing:
      • Titel Generator: Generates a title from an abstract.
      • Abstract-Generator: Produces a short summary based on the content of a paper.
      • Academizer: Facilitates academic writing and suggests "academic style" sentences.
      • Paraphraser: Offers other words/transcriptions.
      • GPT Detector: The software checks whether the test entered is an original or an AI plagiarism. It checks according to GPT-3, GPT-4 or ChatGPT.
    • Long texts can be uploaded and corrected via the "Writefull Revise" platform. "Writefull for Word" is an add-in for Microsoft Word. It allows you to receive feedback on correctness during the writing process. To do this, download the add-in from the Writefull homepage or the Microsoft AppSource Store. Both tools only work with a paid licence.
    • A registration is necessary.
    • Privacy:

Note to use

This is only a selection of Summarizer tools. Most of the tools presented here are free of charge, some require registration for use (please read the terms of use of the respective tools before registering).

We draw your attention to the fact that when you use the tools described here, you transmit data to external service providers.

The list provided here does not claim to be complete. If you know of other tools that you also find interesting for others, please feel free to send us an e-mail.

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