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LLD - costs and delivery times

According to the library fee regulations (in German) of the University of Heidelberg, interlibrary loan fees (§ 4) and postage (§ 5) may be charged.

You will be informed about costs, estimated delivery time and collection by e-mail. To pay, go to the information desk. We debit your library account with the appropriate amount, then you pay it in at the pay machine. Only then will the order be executed.

Standard order

Orders for commercial purposes (direct or indirect profit) are not permitted.

We choose the fastest and cheapest delivery option as standard.

Delivery options:

  • Heidelberg University Library System: free of charge, 1-3 weeks delivery time
  • Internal loan service for medical libraries: for UMM members free of charge, 1-3 days delivery time
  • Interlibrary loan: articles up to 40 pages and books each 1,50 euros, 1-6 weeks delivery time (articles: each additional page 0,10 euros)
    Interlibrary loan fees are covered for staff of the faculty and the clinic. For other user groups, processing will only take place after payment of any charges incurred: please first tell the information desk that you wish to pay for an interlibrary loan, we will then debit your account and you pay at the pay machine and give us the receipt.
  • Articles via HEDD (electronic delivery of articles from the printed journal holdings of our main library and the Heidelberg University Library for scientific staff): free of charge, 24-72 hours delivery time (on working days)
  • Articles from main/clinic/institute library(s): free of charge, 1-7 days delivery time

SUBITO order

Please settle the costs when you pick up the copies of the articles.

Order options:

  • Printed articles up to 20 pages (standard order): from 6,50 euros, 3 (working) days delivery time
  • Printed articles up to 20 pages (express order): from 10,00 euros, 24 hours (on working days) delivery time
  • Lending a book (normal order): 9,00 euros, 3 (working) days plus postal delivery time
  • Lending of a book (express order): from 10,00 euros, 24 hours (on working days) plus postal delivery time

At subito, you can also become a customer yourself and place orders directly.
Advantage: direct delivery of many articles as PDF (some with DRM restrictions).

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