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Computers, Software, Wi-Fi

We offer 38 PC workstations in the main building, and around 170 additional workstations with Wi-Fi, 25 screens are also available for notebooks/iPads. Faculty members can use special software on our PCs or obtain the software either free of charge or at a reduced price from various sources.

PC assignment (in German) | Pool assignment L17/L18 (in German)

Apply for a project number

All library users who do not have a Uni-ID or a MEDMA ID can request for a project number (PDF in German) in order to use the PCs and Wi-Fi. This therefore applies to persons who are not employees of the faculty or students/doctoral students, see the first section "Who is entitled for borrowing?" on the Borrowing and user account page.

Please enter your work address (department) in the form under 2. and check "Nur Bibliotheksnutzer:in" under 3. You can ignore the field "Projektname & Kurzbeschreibung".

Signatures (also from Head of Institute or Head of clinic/department) are also possible as a digital ID via Adobe Acrobat Reader. Users from outside the UMM please obtain either a digital signature (digital ID) or a stamp and signature from us. Send the completed application form to the email address provided.

PC workstations (login required)

PC workstations can be found on the ground floor of the main building on the right and left (PC pool L-18 on the upper floor of the annex can only be used for teaching purposes). The occupancy/use of the PCs can be viewed via the link above or on site at the upright screen of the circular table.


  • Occupation of PC workstations is only permitted if the PCs are actually used. After one hour of PC inactivity, you will be logged out automatically (this can be prevented from one minute before). Logged out PCs are free for other users.
  • Please do not change anything in the wiring of the PCs!
  • PCs Main library, ground floor

    Number: 22 (right) + 16 (left)

    Login: ad\Uni ID, ad\project number, medma\MEDMA ID, medma\Library ID (only for users without Uni ID/project number/MEDMA ID!);
    see also screen labeling

    Software (selection): Windows 10, Firefox, MS Edge, MS Office 2019*, EndNote 20, burning software, PDF creation, screenshot software, IrfanView (image editing)
    *PDF creation via File > Export > Create PDF/XPS document

    Data storage: USB stick, CD-ROM/DVD-RW, see below section Data storage

    Print: Print menu of the application, see Printing, Copying, Scanning

  • PCs in the annex, L-18 (for teaching only)

    Quantity: 30

    Login: ad\Uni ID, ad\URZ ID, medma\MEDMA ID, seminar ID

    Software (selection): Windows 10, Firefox/Chrome/Edge, MS Office 2019*, MATLAB R2020a, EndNote 20, SAS 9.4, JMP 16, isee Player
    *PDF creation via File > Save and Send > PDF/XPS document

    Data storage: USB stick, see below section Data storage

    Print: Print menu of the application, see Printing, copying, scanning

Wi-Fi (Login required)

Approximately 170 Wi-Fi workstations are located in the rear area of the main building and on the ground floor of the annex - all of them are equipped with power connections for mobile devices. Wi-Fi printing works with the print account, see Printing, Copying, Scanning.

The following networks are available:

  • eduroam (recommended)

    Advantages: Encryption and automatic­ connection after initial configuration and login.

    Please carry out initial configuration*: Configuration files are available at (Find your language in the menu item "Sprache".)

    * In the library this works via network UNI-WEBACCESS and login.
    For Android devices: please install additionally the eduroam CAT (Android 8 to 10) or geteduroam app (Android 11 or higher) from the Playstore.

    (In case of problems with e.g. Apple iOS, please contact us, or contact the IT support at the URZ)

    After eduroam configuration login with

    • Uni or URZ ID
    • eduroam-enabled ID of other universities (with home institution configuration)

    No MEDMA ID allowed.


    Note: The communication between end device and access point is not encrypted and therefore insecure.

    After connecting to the network and opening the browser, you are usually automatically redirected to a captive portal for login.

    If this does not work, please call up in the browser (http instead of https connection), then you should be redirected.

    Registration with

    • Uni ID or URZ ID
    • MEDMA ID in the following form:

Monitors for notebooks (and tablets)

In addition to keyboard, mouse and HDMI-to-HDMI cable, HDMI-to-USB-C and HDMI-to-Mini-DP cables can be borrowed from us against a deposit, but only with library staff from 8 am to 6 or 5 pm (Fri). Return is possible after 6 pm.

A total of 25 monitors (24 inch) for mobile devices are available in the rear area of the library and in the extension. If required, they can be used mobile in all areas (transport via handle on the stand). Financing was provided by student quality assurance funds.

You can connect your notebook to the screen using your own or borrowed cable with HDMI plug, i.e. you usually need an HDMI to mini DisplayPort, USB-C, HDMI or micro HDMI cable. Two adapters with HDMI socket to USB-C/Mini-DP and keyboard/mouse can also be borrowed.

For iPads you need a Lightning-HDMI or USB-C-HDMI adapter (Pro), but under iOS/iPadOS the screen is only mirrored, so you enter your data via the iPad. To our knowledge, Android tablets cannot be connected to external displays via HDMI.

In Windows 10/11, "Windows logo key+P > Extend" or "Settings > System > Display > Multiple Displays: Extend these displays" can be used to move applications to the right of the large screen, the arrangement of the screens can be changed in the display area by clicking "Rearrange your displays".
With Apple (macOS) this works via "System Preferences > Monitors > Arrange".

Notes: If you need a keyboard+mouse (both borrowable) but only have one free USB port, these can be connected to the screen and from there to your notebook via a borrowable USB cable. For iPads you need the Apple Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter for the keyboard (mouse is not possible), for Android tablets a USB-C-OTG (On-The-Go) adapter for keyboard or mouse, which can also be borrowed from us.

If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Some software licenses (full version) are available to faculty members (explanation):
The statistical software programs SAS and JMP can be borrowed on USB sticks from the library information desk. The software download page (in German) provides the reference management software EndNote and, usually from May onwards, the license files needed annually for the extended use of SAS and JMP.

Students and employees can license Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus via for 4 Euro per (study) year.

Official software for faculty staff can be ordered with a procurement request via the IT purchasing department (

Students can only purchase the statistical software SPSS currently (as of 10/23) on site at Heidelberg University Computer Center, see > "Ordering process for students of Heidelberg University" (in German). 15 licenses are accessible via Windows terminal server (in German) (with Uni ID). MathWorks Matlab is available via a portal site (in German).

Information on software installations at our PC workstations can be found above.


  • The library offers courses and advice (Book a Librarian) for EndNote and Word.
  • The Department of Medical Statistics offers consulting (Page in German)  for Excel, PowerPoint, Word and SAS.

Data storage

Free online data storage is available for students, staff and PhD students via heiBOX (login page in German) | info, e.g. sharing and release of files/folders.

Faculty members (for employment before 12/23) and other library users who log in with the MEDMA or library ID can use the H-drive. External access via terminal server is only possible for employees.

Circular Table PCs (without login)

In the front part of the main building 8 research PCs are freely accessible at a circular table without login.

  • MS Office files can be edited.
  • You have access to all licensed e-media via the browser.
  • Printing works with upload via print account, see Printing, Copying, Scanning.
  • USB sticks can be connected to a cable positioned under the screens.

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