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Most often, full text access to a specific article is required.
You can check via the Electronic Journals Library (EZB) Heidelberg or our online catalogue whether the volume you are looking for is licensed or freely available and, if necessary, get access via the homepages of the journals - see E-Journals and Search for E-Journals below.
Alternatively, you can use our "Check full text" service via article databases such as PubMed for article-specific access or ordering.

You can keep track of new articles in your subject area by subscribing to current articles  of an e-journal.

As an author, you select a journal for the submission of a publication. Several journal ranking databases are available for selection.

All important information on electronic publishing can be found on Open Access.


Heidelberg University Library offers online access to the full texts of more than 100,000 e-journals in all subject areas, including about 25,000 titles from the fields of medicine and the natural sciences:

  • Some of the e-journals are freely accessible to all users worldwide (open access).
  • Some of the e-journals are licensed with campus licenses for the University of Heidelberg and are only accessible to faculty members or via the computers in the library.


    • Sometimes not all volumes of a journal are licensed; please note the license periods when using them.
    • E-journal issues are often accessible earlier than the parallel printed issue; in addition, the journal may contain articles that are only available online (e-only) or in advance (articles in press, epubs ahead of print).

    Search for E-Journals

    • EZB Heidelberg

      The EZB Heidelberg (Electronic Journals Library Heidelberg) lists freely accessible, licensed and unlicensed e-journals of all subject areas and, if necessary, allows access to the full texts of the articles via the homepages of the journals. There you can click on the desired volume > issue > article or use the search function.


      • At the EZB Heidelberg you search for journal titles, not for individual articles.
      • Full-text access to licensed titles is only possible for authorized persons.
      • EZB assistance


      If the search with title words produces too many hits, you can select the field Start of title in the advanced search. A-Z browsing within a subject area (medicine, biology, ...) is also possible. Journals are thematically indexed, but since there is no list in the EZB, we have created a page with linked medical fields.

      The access options to full texts are indicated by traffic light colors (see screenshot).

      By clicking on the traffic light display in the hit list, you will be taken directly to the journal's homepage (except for yellow-red). If you click on the title, the detailed display will show information on the license or access period or on the publisher and ISSN (International Standard Serial Number, 8 digits).

      If several linked license periods are displayed due to different license agreements (see screenshot for Cell), the links to the journal homepage are identical.

      Note: If in rare cases licensed journals are not accessible  for our faculty but only for the Heidelberg faculty, this will be displayed after clicking on the full text link.

    • Online Catalogue

      Our online catalogue lists the freely accessible and licensed e-journals in the fields of medicine, biology, chemistry & pharmacy, physics, psychology and computer science.

      Note: In our online catalogue you search for journal titles, not for individual articles!

      Restrict the search to journals before the search via the box "Filter by media type", after the search via the box "Modify search request", see screenshots:

      The links "Online available" in the hit list or the "fulltext-link" in the detailed view lead to the full texts of the articles via the start pages of the journals, see screenshots:

      Please pay attention to the e-journal info box on the detail page and the information relating to the licence period, see screenshots:

    • "Remote access" via ZB MED

      The ZB MED offers some e-journals for registered users via "remote access".

      For login you need a virtual user card - for this you have to fill out an application and forward it together with a double-sided copy/scan/photo of the ID card to the ZB MED.

      All info can be found at

      Here is a relatively complete overview of the publishers and journals that complement our licences (you can determine the importance of the journals in the respective subject area with journal ranking databases):

      Mary Ann Liebert: about 70 Journals complete + last 6 volumes of 5 other biomedical journals

      Future Medicine: Biomarkers in Medicine, Epigenomics, Future Cardiology, Future Microbiology, Future Oncology. Future Virology, Immunotherapy, Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine, Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research, Neurodegenerative Disease Management, Pain Management, Personalized Medicine, Regenerative Medicine

      Karger: some titles for which we do not have access to the last 3 volumes, e.g.: Acta Haematologica, American Journal of Nephrology, Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism, Blood Purification, Hormone Research in Paediatrics, Journal of Vascular Research, Neuroepidemiology, Nephron, …

      Taylor & Francis: "Expert opinion ..."- and Expert review ..."-Journals, Journal of Nutrition in Gerontology and Geriatrics

      MA Healthcare: from volume 2021: African Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health (AJM), British Journal of Hospital Medicine, British Journal of Midwifery (BJM), British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, International Journal of Palliative Nursing, International Journal of Therapy & Rehabilitation (IJTR)

      Thieme: Thrombosis and Haemostasis, Pharmacopsychiatry (we only have this until 2020)

      Slack: Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, Journal of Gerontological Nursing, Journal of Nursing Education, Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services, Journal of Refractive Surgery, Orthopedics, OSLI Ophthalmic Surgery Lasers & Imaging Retina, Pediatric Annals, Psychiatric Annals, Research in Gerontological Nursing

    • No matching license period or no hit?

      • If the volumes you are looking for are not licensed, you will see the tables of contents of the issues and usually the abstracts of the articles on the publisher's website.
      • You can search the online catalogue to find out whether we own the desired volume in print.
      • If we do not have the journal or volume you are looking for, either electronically or in print, you can order the article you need via the Document Delivery Service (LLD).

      Note: Only faculty members have access to licensed e-journals from outside the faculty network (i.e. also from the hospital network) via personal library identification.

    E-journals freely accessible in the hospital network

    Of a total of 30 journals licensed by the Mannheim Medical Faculty, 28 are freely available in the hospital network via the following URL:

    There are four categories to choose from, the majority can be found in the "Medical Specialties" section. The general functionality of BrowZine is explained on this page.

    The two journals Ergoscience,, and Hygiene & Medicine,, cannot be displayed in BrowZine for technical reasons, but are also freely available in the hospital network.

    Print journals

    We now subscribe to only a few medical print journals (<50), some of which are only available in the UMM clinics and institutes.

    Our printed journals are listed in the online catalogue, please pay attention to the info box "Printed journal" in the detailed display of a journal (see screenshots).


    Journals are generally not borrowable.

    The journal volumes, which are usually bound annually, are freely accessible* in the rear section of the main library from the year 1995 onwards, or in institute and clinic libraries for local staff.
    They are sorted by signatures consisting of the abbreviations Kl Zs or St Zs + a consecutive number, for example St Zs 217.

    * Journal articles from our own printed holdings can usually be ordered via the Document Delivery Service. (Exception: Students of our faculty are kindly requested to copy or scan the freely accessible holdings of the main library from the year 1995 onwards themselves).

    HEIDI contains the journal holdings of the entire university, including our holdings.

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