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Centre for Preventive Medicine and Digital Health
Divisions of  General Medicine, Public Health and Social and Preventive Medicine,
and Prevention for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases

Medical Faculty Mannheim
Heidelberg University

Alte Brauerei, 2nd floor
Röntgenstraße 7
68167 Mannheim

Phone +621 383 -71800 / -71804 / -71826

Directions from Mannheim main station
There are several tram stops in front of the main station.Take tram no. 5 to Weinheim and exit at Nationaltheater. Change to tram 2 (to Feudenheim) or no. 7 (to Vogelstang) and exit at Bibienastraße. Cross the street toward the large red building. This building is Alte Brauerei. Turn to the right and walk along the side of the building until you reach the parking lot. Go to  the back of the building and use the roofed entrance. You can either take the elevator to the 2nd floor or use the staircase.

Travelling by car
In case you arrive here by car please note: The parking lots next to and behind Alte Brauerei are private parking spaces and must not be used by visitors. Information on parking lots in the vicinity are displayed on the image below.

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