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Dr. med. Maria Steinisch

Maria Steinisch studied Medicine and Medical Anthropology in Heidelberg and Mannheim. She completed her dissertation in 2015 on the topic of work stress among garment workers in Bangladesh. From 2012, she worked as a research associate at the Mannheim Institute of Public Health at the Mannheim Medical Faculty - now in the CPD's Public Health, Social and Preventive Medicine Division. Maria Steinisch has also been working as a physician in the Child and Adolescent Health Service of the Mannheim City Health Office since 2019.

Health promotion in children and adolescents in connection with psychosocial, cultural and structural contextual factors is of particular concern to her. In research projects, she is engaged, for example, with the health care access and needs of children from families with a Southeast European migration history in Mannheim or with the development of questionnaires assessing childhood trauma (Adverse Childhood Experiences, ACE) in refugee children. As a physician training to become a specialist in public health, it is important for her to cooperate with municipal actors, including those in the public health service, in order to contribute to strengthening evidence-based public health practice and the relevance of collected data for planning.


  • Health care of children with a Southeast European migration background: An analysis of utilization behavior and needs (ongoing)
  • Innovation Fund Medicine for the promotion of integrative teaching projects in the field of general medicine/care research (ongoing)
  • Work stress among workers in a textile factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh (completed)

Research Interests

  • Psychosocial/cultural/structural factors of (mental) health
  • Public Mental Health
  • Evidence-based public health practice
  • Community-based promotion of health equity
  • Possible applications of anthropological knowledge and methods in interventions and research

Methodological Expertise

  • Primary data collection
  • Questionnaire design and piloting
  • Psychometric questionnaire evaluation
  • Qualitative data collection
  • Mixed Methods Designs
  • Multivariable Models
  • Curriculum development

Selected Publications

Steinisch, M., Yusuf, R., Li, J., Rahman, O., Ashraf, H.M., Strümpell, C., Fischer, J.E., and Loerbroks, A. (2013). Work stress: Its components and its association with self-reported health outcomes in a garment factory in Bangladesh -Findings from a cross-sectional study. Health & Place 24, 123–130. IF: 2,44

Steinisch, M., Yusuf, R., Li, J., Stalder, T., Bosch, J.A.,Rahman, O., Strümpell, C., Ashraf, H., Fischer, J.E., and Loerbroks, A. (2014). Work stress and hair cortisol levels among workers in a Bangladeshi ready-made garment factory –results from a cross-sectional study. Psychoneuroendocrinology50, 20-27. IF: 5,91

Steinisch, M., Schäfer, P., & De Bock, F. (2017). Versorgungszugang und Bedarfe von Kindern mit rumänisch/bulgarischem Migrationshintergrund: Ergebnisse aus Schuleingangsuntersuchungen. In Das Gesundheitswesen (Vol. 79, p. V-166)

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