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The best place to start a search for our printed books and licensed e-books is the online catalogue.

If a particular book or current edition is not in stock or not licensed, you can order it immediately via our document delivery service or make a acquisition proposal.

If you do not find the topic you are looking for in the online catalogue, you can continue your search in LIVIVO, the ZB MED's search portal for life sciences, or at (thematic search possible).

Search the online catalogue

The info boxes in the right-hand column of the online catalogue (at the bottom on smartphones) provide all the necessary information, including information on how to search by topic.

You can limit your search to books and/or e-books before you start the search by using the box "Filter by media type" (see screenshot), or after the search by using "Change search query" (see screenshot).


There is a separate page for university theses.

Online catalog: Lending and full text access

Printed books (textbook collection and monographs) can either be taken off the shelves in the library and borrowed ("signpost" function available), reserved if borrowed, or ordered if the title is located in a clinic/institute library or on a so-called permanent loan (extended loan period). See Lending & User Account.


You can access the e-book full text by clicking on the link "Online available" or in the detailed view via the "Full text link" (see screenshots), see also: access notes.

Textbook collection

  • Exclusively for the students of our faculty, about 100 titles on pre-clinical (subject areas anatomy, biology, natural sciences, physiology) and about 900 titles on clinical medicine and peripheral areas are offered in multiple copies (> 10,000 media) for borrowing in the main library. In the reference collection of the textbook collection in the rear left area (see map) there is 1 reference only (not for loan) copy of each textbook. In addition, textbooks are usually available with 1 copy in the monograph collection.

  • Location: front left side with blue shelf numbers 1 - 8 and blue class mark labels on the spines of the books. Additional red stickers on the spine of a  book indicate an insert in the media cabinets behind the circular table (CD-ROM/DVD, same signature) or in the book.

    • The signatures identify the location and consist of the subject area abbreviation and additional characters for book, edition and copy. Orth 54/2:c means: specialty orthopedics, consecutive number for the book, 2nd edition, copy c. Often the current and pre-edition are available.

    • If e-books are licensed parallel to the print editions, you can access them with your smartphone via the QR codes on the shelves of the textbook collection.


    • In the main library and in the libraries of the institutes and clinics, about 11,500 monographs from all fields of medicine and its peripheral areas are available for loan. The holdings in the institute and clinic libraries can partially be ordered. If books cannot be borrowed, e.g. loose-leaf publications and certain reference works, this is indicated both on the spine of the book and in the online catalogue.

    • Location: front left side with red shelf numbers 9 - 14 and red class mark labels on the spines. Additional red stickers on the spine of the book indicate an insert in the media cabinets (CD-ROM/DVD, same signature) or in the book.

    • The books are arranged by subject groups (with links to the online catalogue).

    • The class marks identify the location and consist of the subject group abbreviation and the first 4 letters of the author or title (if there is only an editor), for example G 5g Meie. The subject group abbreviations usually consist of 3 characters, for example G 5g: G stands for internal medicine, 5 for hematology, g for blood coagulation diagnostics.


    The most important features of the platforms are shown in the following list with links to the respective title overview via Database Information System (DBIS) Heidelberg (except Karger):


    Medicine German, Medicine English (only until 2008), Medicine English 2020 ff. und Natural Sciences German
    (total > 7000 titles from 2005 onwards)

    • In part, readable online (HTML) chapter by chapter

    • with search function (chapters, also, as hits)

    • contents can be downloaded in full or in chapters as PDF

    Thieme E-Book Library
    (approx. 35 titles, German language)

    • PDFs can be downloaded chapter by chapter
    • In order to access the e-books from outside the faculty network, you need a so-called home access (free registration in the faculty network), which enables further functions such as saved highlights and notes.

    Elsevier (Urban & Fischer)
    (approx. 100 titles, German language)
    1.    Elsevier elibrary (textbooks)
    2.    Elsevier German Medical Collection
    3.    123Library

    1. Readable online with Flash or EPUB; bookmark, copy and note function after free registration; readable offline via "bookshelf" only with the PC software iPublishCentral Reader
      A maximum of 5% of the book volume can be printed per browser session.
    2. Readable online (HTML) chapter by chapter and downloadable as PDF, with search function
    3. Four titles can be read online via 123Library as single license (max. 1 person can access simultaneously); with search function, bookmark, marker and note function after free registration; logout via "Exit"; print function is limited to a certain number of pages (will be displayed)

    Karger E-Book-Collection
    (579 titles, 1997-2013, English language)

    • PDFs can be downloaded chapter by chapter
    • Access to "Active subscription" titles

    Hogrefe eLibrary
    (approx. 60 titles, German language, mainly from psychology)

    • Readable online with search function
    • Print and PDF download after free registration

    (approx. 45.000 titles from various publishers, English language, mainly IT and business)

    • Access via Uni-ID
    • Few titles in Topic "Medical Science"
    • Readable online (HTML), no print function

    Herdt Campus
    (approx. 670 titles, IT knowledge for research & teaching)

    • PDF download of all learning materials
    • Accompanying materials such as worksheets, exercise files etc. also available as downloads
    • with search functions (in the catalogue by topic or also search by title, author, categories)



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