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Prof Dr. Jonathan P. Sleeman

It is rare for a cancer patient to die from the effects of their initial tumor, and the metastatic spread of tumor cells that is ultimately responsible for the vast majority of cancer deaths. Understanding the cell and molecular biology of invasion and metastasis and the genetic changes that drive these processes represents one of the last great frontiers of exploratory cancer research.

Therapies directed against metastatic cells hold the promise of clearing the body of tumor cells and curing the patient. The global aim of our work is to understand tumor metastasis at the cellular and molecular levels, and to apply this and other knowledge to the treatment of human cancer. One focus of our research in this area is to understand the degree to which the dissemination of tumor cells via the lymphatic system contributes to metastasis formation in vital organs.

Major research questions include:

  • How do primary tumors interact with and regulate the local lymphatic microvasculature during metastatic progression?
  • Do regional and local effects of pro-lymphangiogenic growth factors have effects beyond the primary tumor that contribute to metastasis formation?
  • What is the relative importance to metastasis formation of dissemination via the lymphatic system compared to dissemination via the blood circulatory system?
  • What genetic changes in tumor cells promote dissemination via the lymphatic system?
  • Do novel therapies that inhibit tumor-induced lymphangiogenesis have potential clinical application for suppressing metastasis and increasing patient survival?

Project-related publications

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