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Guidelines are based not only on clinical evidence, but also on economic efficiency and effectiveness, and are therefore not fully transferable from one health care system to another.


German guidelines are published by the Association of the Scientific Medical Societies in Germany (AWMF, in German). They are divided into three (or four) classes - see Rules ... (in German) In addition to the long version, there may be an abridged version, the guideline report (methodological approach) and a patient guideline in PDF format that can be understood by laypersons; among other things, the status and period of validity are noted as well as ongoing revisions. Registered guideline projects are also listed.

National Care Guidelines

The German Medical Association, the Bundesärztekammer and the AWMF publish the National Care Guidelines (in German).

Oncology Guidelines Programme

The German Cancer Aid, the German Cancer Society and the AWMF jointly organize the OL program (in German).



The English National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) provides its own guideline summaries in HTML, PDF and ePub format under NICE Guidance. The Full guidelines and Search strategies are also linked.

Guidelines International Network (GIN)

Further international guidelines are searchable in the International Guideline Library of GIN. Organizations and individuals can become members for an annual fee, see Why become a GIN member.

Guidelines in PubMed

In PubMed there are the "Article type" filters after the search

  • "Guideline" (generic term of "Practice Guideline") and
  • "Consensus Development Conference",

but usually the long versions of the guidelines are not published in journals.

Guidelines in DynaMed

In DynaMed there is a section Guidelines and Resources for each topic, divided into regions (USA, UK, Canada, Europe, ...). The references link to PubMed or to the free full text on institutional or journal pages.

Guidelines in Trip

In Trip, "Guidelines" are selectable in the green filter area ("Secondary Evidence"). The filter is broad (e.g. inlcuding position statements) and many sources are found.

Example: when searching with breast cancer lymphocytes, 5 hits are found in PubMed with the article type filter "Guideline", and around 200 hits are found in Trip via "Guidelines".

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