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Trip medical database

Trip (Free-Version)

"Trip’s a leading tool to identify evidence from the global evidence-base. Our guideline coverage is one of the stars ..." (see

Pro version with: more systematic reviews, ongoing clinical trials, medical images, clinical videos, link to full-text articles, export function (55 $ per year for a single person or institutional license), see

Special features:

  • Filter by quality, differentiated by colour, i.e. "Secondary Evidence" (Systematic Reviews, Guidelines, ...), green, comes first, see evidence pyramid below.
  • Guideline score since 5/2023, see Info
  • Standard sorting by "Quality", among others by Publication score, i.e. by the quality of a source.
  • "Key primary research" filter (see section "Evidence filter ...")
  • Fewer hits than in PubMed, since, among other things, fewer journals are evaluated (e.g. around 550 journals "Primary research"), therefore more manageable
  • additional content beyond "research evidence", see filter graphic below in yellow area

Search options

  • AND/OR/NOT search with bracketing or Advanced Search (Pro).
  • Wildcard * at the end of words allowed, but automatic singular/plural and synonym search, e.g.: "renal stones" finds "kidney stone", prevention finds prevent and preventing.
    • Exact search (without automatic synonyms/word forms) only via ... NOT term (max. one term) or in the Advanced Search in the field "Excluding Words" (Pro, several terms allowed)
  • Phrases in inverted commas ("term term")
    Note: Truncated phrases not allowed (* is ignored, e.g.: "renal ston*" does not find any hits)
  • Date filter in the Advanced Search before the search (From:), or via "Further Refinement" at the bottom left after the search
  • Proximity function in the search field via "term term"~number, or in the Advanced Search (terms max. N words apart, adjustable from 1-10, any order of the terms)
  • Title search via title:term or Advanced Search
  • PICO search
  • Recent tab (History) (Pro)

Evidence filter (see also graphics below)

  • "Secondary Evidence" (green):
    • Systematic Reviews, Guidelines
    • Evidence Based Synopses: high-quality content that isn't a systematic review, guideline or regulatory guidance
    • Regulatory Guidance: official government type outputs such as NICE technology appraisals, FDA drug approvals etc
  • "Key primary research" (blue): EvidenceAlerts (selected articles from around 120 top journals, see ACCESSSS) plus articles from NEJM, Lancet, JAMA, BMJ and Annals of internal medicine
  • "Controlled Trials" (red): RCTs: Selection and assignment "Quality:high" (low bias) via RobotReviewer, see
  • "Primary research" (red): about 550 journals, selected via impact factors, among other things
  • see also

Results list and more filters

  • PDF linked if technically possible (Pro), otherwise link to PubMed/PMC or publisher's page
  • Related Articles (max. 3, more via Pro), Twitter, Bookmark after login
  • Export as RIS/CSV or email (after login) (Pro)
  • Filter "Clinical Area" bottom left, see screenshot
  • Date filter bottom left (Since ...), see screenshot

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