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LIVIVO is an interdisciplinary search portal for literature and information on the life sciences (medicine, health care, nutrition, environmental and agricultural sciences).

The portal is provided by ZB MED - Information Centre for Life Sciences.

Special features

  • LIVIVO is freely available online and can also be accessed via, see section Access instructions and "Check full text" service.
  • The search is automatically performed in several languages, including synonyms and different word forms.
  • LIVIVO finds references of books, articles and other document types from various national and international sources.

Search options

Translations, synonyms, dissolved abbreviations (EEG also searches electroencephalography) and word variants (no abbreviation of terms with * necessary) are found automatically.

Filtering of the results:

If you restrict the results on the left according to, for example, subject area (medicine, health), year, document type and language, the filters applied are highlighted and can be reset at the same place or above the results list.

A new search deletes the set filters.

Access instructions and "Check full text" service

The "Check full text" service is automatically integrated via the database URL above, but access from outside the faculty network is only possible for members of the faculty with a library ID, see Access options to licensed electronic media.

LIVIVO is freely accessible online and can also be accessed via, but in this case our "Check full text" service is only integrated in the faculty and hospital networks.

Use the "Check full text" service via the button to call up full texts or order them via the document delivery service.

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