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PD Dr. sc. hum. biol. Walter Magerl

Our work focuses on phenotyping of patients with chronic neuropathic pain, mechanism-based classification of pain patients, modelling of pain mechanisms in human surrogate models.

Selection of current publications:

  1. Sachau J, Bruckmueller H, Gierthmühlen J, Magerl W, May D, Binder A, Forstenpointner J, Koetting J, Maier C, Tölle TR, Treede RD, Berthele A, Caliebe A, Diesch C, Flor H, Huge V, Maihöfner C, Rehm S, Kersebaum D, Fabig SC, Vollert J, Rolke R, Stemmler S, Sommer C, Westermann A, Cascorbi I, Baron R. (2021) The serotonin receptor 2A (HTR2A) rs6313 variant is associated with higher ongoing pain and signs of central sensitization in neuropathic pain patients. Eur J Pain 25(3):595-611
  2. Enax-Krumova E, Attal N, Bouhassira D, Freynhagen R, Gierthmühlen J, Hansson P, Kuehler BM, Maier C, Sachau J, Segerdahl M, Tölle T, Treede RD, Ventzel L, Baron R, Vollert J (2021) Contralateral Sensory and Pain Perception Changes in Patients With Unilateral Neuropathy. Neurology 97(4):e389-e402.
  3. Forstenpointner J, Ruscheweyh R, Attal N, Baron R, Didier-Bouhassira, Enax-Krumova EK, Finnerup NB, Freynhagen R, Gierthmühlen J, Hansson P, Jensen TS, Maier C, Rice ASC, Segerdahl M, Tölle T, Treede R-D, Vollert J. (2021) No pain, still gain (of function): the relation between sensory profiles and the presence or absence of self-reported pain in a large multicenter cohort of patients with neuropathy. Pain 162(3):718-727.
  4. Meyer-Frießem CH, Attal N, Baron R, Bouhassira D, Finnerup NB, Freynhagen R, Gierthmühlen J, Haanpaa M, Hansson P, Jensen TS, Kemp H, Kennedy D, Leffler A-S, Rice ASC, Segerdahl M, Serra J, Sindrup S, Sola R, Tölle T, Schuh-Hofer S, Treede R-D, Pogatzki-Zahn E, Maier C, Vollert J (2020). Pain thresholds and intensities of CRPS type I and neuropathic pain in respect to sex. Eur J Pain 24(6):1058-1071
  5. Gierthmühlen J, Schneider U, Seemann M, Freitag-Wolf S, Maihöfner C, Enax-Krumova EK, Azad S-C, Üceyler N, Birklein F, Maier C, Tölle T, Treede R-D, Baron R (2019) Can self-reported pain characteristics and bedside test be used for the assessment of pain mechanisms? An analysis of results of neuropathic pain questionnaires and quantitative sensory testing. Pain 160(9):2093-2104.
  6. Sachau J, Bruckmueller H, Gierthmühlen J, Magerl W, Kaehler M, Haenisch S, Binder A, Caliebe A, Maier C, Treede RD, Tölle T, Cascorbi I, Baron R. (2019) SIGMA-1 Receptor Gene Variants Affect the Somatosensory Phenotype in Neuropathic Pain Patients. J Pain 20(2):201-214.
  7. Vollert J, Magerl W, Baron R, Binder A, Enax-Krumova EK, Geisslinger G, Gierthmühlen J, Henrich F, Hüllemann P, Klein T, Lötsch J, Maier C, Oertel B, Schuh-Hofer S, Tölle TR, Treede RD (2018) Pathophysiological mechanisms of neuropathic pain: comparison of sensory phenotypes in patients and human surrogate pain models. Pain 159(6):1090-1102
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  10. Zhang J, Hoheisel U, Klein T, Magerl W, Mense S, Treede RD (2016) High-frequency modulation of rat spinal field potentials: effects of slowly conducting muscle vs. skin afferents. J Neurophysiol 115, 692-700
  11. Tesarz J, Eich W, Treede RD, Gerhardt A (2016) Altered pressure pain thresholds and increased wind-up in adult patients with chronic back pain with a history of childhood maltreatment: a quantitative sensory testing study. Pain 157: 1799-1809.
  12. Henrich F, Magerl W, Klein T, Greffrath W, Treede RD (2015) Capsaicin-sensitive C- and A-fibre nociceptors control long-term potentiation-like pain amplification in humans. Brain 138, 2505-2520.
  13. Caspani O, Reitz MC, Ceci A, Kremer A, Treede RD (2014) Tramadol reduces anxiety-related and depression-associated behaviors presumably induced by pain in the chronic constriction injury model of neuropathic pain in rats. Pharmacol Biochem Behav 124, 290-296
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  16. Michaux GP, Magerl W, Anton F, Treede RD (2012) Experimental characterization of the effects of acute stresslike doses of hydrocortisone in human neurogenic hyperalgesia models. Pain 153, 420-428.
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  18. Klein T, Magerl W, Hopf HC, Sandkühler J, Treede RD (2004) Perceptual correlates of nociceptive long-term potentiation and long-term depression in humans. J Neurosci 24, 938-946

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