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STMM Introductory Days

Several times a year the STMM offers Introductory Days, an introductory event for doctoral students (especially Dr. sc. hum.), which includes basic content from the categories "Good scientific practice" and "Key competences for scientists", as well as presentations of the research environment at the Medical Faculty Mannheim and partners, as well as regional resources for doctoral students.

Participants will get to know the structures and services of the School of Translational Medicine. In addition, there are lectures from the library, the Core Facility Platform Mannheim (CFPM), as well as other internal or external institutions.

Participation in this course can be accredited with a corresponding number of credit points/hours towards the Dr. sc. hum. curriculum, as shown in the following example overview.



School of Translational Medicine (STMM)

Medical Faculty Mannheim,
Heidelberg University

Tridomus C, Ebene 3
Ludolf-Krehl-Straße 13-17
68167 Mannheim


STMM office

Dr. Susanne Hausselt
Dr. sc. hum. programme
Phone +49 621 383-71597

Dr. Claudine Öngen
Dr. med. programme
Telefon 0621 383-71608

Ramona Ludwig
Administration + LEARN
Phone +49 621 383-71609

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