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IT platform

The STMM IT platform is currently under construction and is expected to be available during the winter semester 2022/23. It includes:

  • An event directory of all STMM and other UMM events for scientists and other interested parties
  • A booking platform for events
  • A learning tracking software for all young researchers participating in the structured programmes.

All doctoral students who would like to participate in a structured doctoral programme, e. g. the Dr. sc. hum. students at the Medical Faculty Mannheim, should use the activity form to document the courses they have completed until the launch of the STMM IT platform.


School of Translational Medicine (STMM)

Medical Faculty Mannheim,
Heidelberg University

Tridomus C, Ebene 4
Ludolf-Krehl-Straße 13-17
68167 Mannheim