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STMM courses and events

The STMM offers a variety of courses and events for young researchers, but is also pooling and promoting resources already available at and around the Medical Faculty Mannheim.

In the “Event calendar“ you will find current events organised by the STMM itself or within the direct university environment.

The section "Other offers" leads to websites of other institutions in the wider environment of Heidelberg University or in the Rhine-Neckar region.

The STMM regularly organises the following events throughout the year.

STMM Introductory Days (mainly for doctoral students at the beginning of their doctorate)

The Introductory Days are currently aimed primarily at doctoral students in the Dr. sc. hum. programme, but other young researchers can also participate. Topics include the local and regional research environment, structured programmes, resources for doctoral students, key competences and, above all, good scientific practice. This event takes place several times a year, usually in English.

STMM Industry and Innovation Days

The focus of the Industry and Innovation Days will be on soft skills training (e.g. presentation skills, networking), as well as career development, including insights into industry and academic careers. Guest speakers present real-life examples. This event is organized in collaboration with the TMR/IMIM Master's programmes.

STMM Summer Symposium

The Summer Symposium will be organised by PhD students. PhD students give short talks about their research work that should be accessible to a multidisciplinary audience. External key note guest speakers will also be invited. Additional workshops on key scientific skills and subject-specific topics will round up this event.


School of Translational Medicine (STMM)

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STMM office

Dr. Susanne Hausselt
Dr. sc. hum. programme
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Dr. Claudine Öngen
Dr. med. programme
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Ramona Ludwig
Administration + LEARN
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