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Writing and publishing platform SciFlow

From 01.04.2022, the SciFlow software will be licensed for a further two years.

SciFlow is a new online writing and publishing software. It is a collaborative web application developed to save researchers and students time and effort.

What does SciFlow offer?

  • Several authors can work on a text at the same time.
  • Suggestions for changes from fellow writers can be accepted or rejected directly in the text.
  • References can be imported from different literature management systems.
  • Word and LaTeX users can work together on one document.
  • Spell check by Duden-Mentor Pro and LanguageTool Pro
  • Predefined journal templates with the corresponding citation styles are available. SciFlow users can request as many journal templates as they like free of charge.
  • The created documents can be exported in Word, LaTeX and PDF format or as a ZIP file.
  • All data is stored completely anonymized on servers in Germany.

Notes on registration:

For initial registration go to the SciFlow-start page and create a user account. To use the service, register with your official university e-mail address ( | or with your hospital e-mail address (

You can also subscribe to the SciFlow newsletter. This will keep you well informed about the latest innovations. You can subscribe directly via the registration page or afterwards using this link and the "Preferences" function.

Please note:

A template for dissertations with the appropriate citation styles was created especially for our institution.

Outlook: Improvement of change tracking and review functions planned during the year.

Notes on EndNote special features when using SciFlow (see section there).

For feedback or questions please contact us at or 0621/383-3710.

Choosing a Template (for researchers)

1st case: a magazine is preferred (selection of about 80 templates)

In the menu at the top right:

Log in > New document > Journals > Category: Life Sciences & Biomedicine > choose template


Templates > Journals > Category: Life Sciences & Biomedicine > choose Template > Log In

If no template is available: "Request a template" possible.

2nd case: it is not yet known in which journal the publication will be published or a neutral template is preferred.

In the menu at the top right:

Log in > New document > Scientific Manuscripts > AMA (English or German, AMA citation style) or SciFlow (English or German, citation style selectable)


Templates > Scientific Manuscripts > AMA (English or German, chapter structure available, AMA citation style) or SciFlow (English or German, citation style selectable) > Log In

The later assignment to a possibly existing Journal Template is done with: Button Export & Submit > Search (Magnifier) > Select the journal > click Use this template and change the citation style. But you still have to rename the chapters according to the template (see 1st case).

Screenshots of the two cases (enlargeable | partly in German):

Journal Templates
"New document" in the app
Scientific styles
Use this template

Tips for working with SciFlow



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