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Author Identifier

For the unique assignment of publications to authors, Author Identifiers are required, which authors can then use when publishing, applying for a grant or submitting research proposals.

Via the non-profit organisation ORCID,, you create a unique number (ORCID ID) by registering and, if necessary, importing your own work (e.g. via DOI, PubMed ID, the CrossRef database or a BibTex file*).

Autoupdates of an account are possible e.g. via magazine publishers via Crossref. When publishing, you should be advised of this if necessary.

* In EndNote add the output style BibTex Export to your favorites > select references > File > Export (file type: Text File (*.txt); Output style: BibTex Export) > change the extension in the file name to .bib.

You can also first create a researcher profile with a ResearcherID in Web of Science after registration. Add your own publications there via DOI, PubMed ID, or upload (RIS, BibTex, CSC ) (RIS in EndNote: File > Export (file type: Text File (*.txt); Output style: RefMan (RIS) Export) and exchange the data with ORCID at any time (Edit profile > ORCID Syncing). As an additional function, metrics such as h-index are available in the dashboard.

In both systems you can add professional data and decide which entries are private or public.

In Web of Science, ResearcherIDs and ORCID IDs (that are involved there) are added by weekly updates; if you only have an ORCID ID, your publications will be updated monthly with the ORCID ID in Web of Science (if available there).

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