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The clinical decision support database DynaMed (comparable to UpToDate) is freely available in the UMM hospital and faculty networks and is aimed specifically at physicians.

Several thousand uniformly structured Topic Summaries are available. The database is updated daily. Current literature is systematically selected and evaluated, e.g. by indicating Levels of Evidence and Strong/Weak recommendations.

Special Features

  • Evaluation of more than 500 journals and about 120 guideline organisations according to evidence-based methods by a large editorial team, see Editorial Overview.
  • Mobile access is possible via a free app for Android/iOS (can also be used offline). You either authenticate to the WiFi of the clinic/faculty in the app via Institutional Network or you create a user account in the clinic or faculty network via with Sign In > Register and then log in to the app with this user ID (a validation of the app via the user ID is necessary every 6 months). See also DynaMed Mobile.

Subscribe to updates by e-mail

After registration, you can either receive notifications about topic updates via email or you can display them only on your own start screen. To do so, click on the Follow-icon.

Search options

When a character is entered, suggestions for topics (Go To) and searches in the complete text (Search For) are automatically made, see screenshot.

Without topic selection, the search is carried out with different word forms and synonyms and, in addition, individual graphics/images are displayed in the results if necessary.

Via Specialties, the topics can be selected alphabetically by subject areas and Subfields of expertise.

With Find on Page at the bottom right you can search within a topic.

"Check full text" service and "full text" links

Bibliographic references usually link to PubMed.
(To integrate our "Check full text" service into PubMed you must start your browser session with the link

If the full text is freely available, a "full-text" link is also available, which leads directly to the full text.

External access

Library users with external access authorization can access DynaMed from outside the faculty and hospital networks via this link with their respective library identification.

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