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heiBIB (Heidelberg University Bibliography)

The Heidelberg University Bibliography (heiBIB) is the main index for the academic publications of the university members since 2012.
The reference is made in HEIDI, subcatalogue Universitätsbibliographie.


  • Years of publication 1992-2011 see also Academics' Bibliography (Heidelberger Dozentenbibliographie):
    1992-1998 (in German)
    1999-2011 (in German)
  • We receive all data of new scientific publications that are created at UMM via Web of Science. We do not need any notification from you.
  • The proof of publications in HeiBIB is to be seen separately from the reports for the performance-oriented allocation of funds (LOM).
  • The lists from Web of Science are compared with the LOM lists for completion, if necessary.

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